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Thread: New Amiga USB mouse and Joystick adapter JERRY+. Really cool!
PawelB 10:44 10th March 2015
Really nice adapter to connect USB Ps/2 mouse to your computer and joystick at once - Jerry+. Changing between them by clicking mouse or joy. Really fun and reasonable priced!!!

You can find it here:

Watch movie to see it in action:
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Harrison 11:50 10th March 2015
Nice. I really like the casing used as it matches the original metal Amiga RGB to VGA adapter perfectly. Great work.

Are these only available via eBay auction? Or can they be purchased directly? I ask because our members over at would be very interested in buying these and I think there would be quite a lot of demand.. myself included.
arnljot 03:36 1st April 2015
Really awesome look.
PawelB 19:11 17th May 2015
Thanks guys!!! Really sorry I didn't respond eariler... I hadn't got any message...

Currently we selling it on ebay but we will do in the future our site with shop. We're developing more products... More info in the short future

Once again guys!
Vangar 06:56 18th May 2015
Very slick, however my Amiga mouse works fine. Do you make an adaptor that can switch between Amiga mouse and Amiga joystick?
PawelB 08:14 18th May 2015
Originally Posted by Vangar:
Very slick, however my Amiga mouse works fine. Do you make an adaptor that can switch between Amiga mouse and Amiga joystick?
What do you mean? Original mouse and joystick with two db9 sockets? Of course we can do it but... will be anyone else interested it?
Vangar 22:42 18th May 2015
Not sure if others would be interested, but it would be nice to switch between amiga mouse and amiga joystick without swapping the plugs all the time for 2p games
Vangar 06:57 20th May 2015
I just bought one, its the one going to Australia . Funny enough my Amiga mouse completely died on me today, so I thought I would try this adapter instead!
PawelB 07:22 20th May 2015
Vangar sorry! and thanks Some people says that they prefer pc mouses instead original ones. You are not first australian. Sent 5 already, one even to New South Wales 2109

We speak about this dual port with db9 mouse/joy socket. Probably we do c64 automatic joystick switcher and then we can add this thing.
Vangar 11:50 2nd June 2015
Wow not too far away. I got a package in the mail today but currently at work, so hopefully it's this device and not something else I ordered ... will keep you posted

- - - Updated - - -

I'm actually having a lot of difficulty with this. I've tried 5 mice now, some say ps/2 compatible. One definitely has 'Opical 1.1 USB and PS/2 Compatible' written on the bottom. But the light just keeps flashing quickly, and the mouse laser doesn't light up ? When i plug a joystick in and press the joystick will work however.

On my other Amiga, the light will flash once to show a USB mouse is detected, but still doesn't work (no laser light). I have tried this mouse on a ps/2 port and it works fine on my windows machine.

Both my amigas are A500. What could be going wrong ??
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