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Thread: Getting ready for NY
Demon Cleaner 11:17 16th February 2015
I'm going on holiday to New York this week on Saturday, with my girlfriend of course. We will stay for one whole week, and I'm starting to get quite excited. There's so much stuff we want to do, and of course everything culinary related, we just love good food. She also bought me 2 tickets to see the NY Rangers against the Calgary Flames on Tuesday in Madison Square Garden as St Valentine present, I only can image how great that will be, so far I only know the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, where I have been twice for a game, and there you can already fit 15.000 people, and it's amazing.

We're staying at the Giraffe Hotel, took us some time to find one, but this one seems to be awesome, it's in the 29th, so pretty much close to everything.
rossi46 15:20 16th February 2015

I'm a huge baseball fan and I was lucky to go to NYC twice last year to see them play at citi field. First time for 3 days and the second time for 5.

Best holiday of my life.
rossi46 15:21 16th February 2015
Sorry, in my excitement I forgot to say it was the Mets we went to see. Lol just in case you thought I meant the Yankees
Demon Cleaner 15:58 16th February 2015
I'm a huge football fan, but unfortunately that season is over. But we planned that we would perhaps go to Green Bay in September.
rossi46 17:51 16th February 2015
Sorry my post seems very random! I'm not sure what happened to my initial post about baseball and going to new york
Teho 19:29 16th February 2015
Spam filter ran off with it. It does that sometimes, nothing to worry about.
Harrison 10:37 17th February 2015
Have a great time. I want to go to New York soon. My wife went years ago with her best friend (blizzard 2006) and wants to go again. As you say, so much to do.

Your hotel looks great too.
zapiy 07:58 18th February 2015
Same as, for the first time in out lives we have the money to do whatever we want when we want but due to health reasons flying that far is a nightmare we can not get past. One day. Have a good one matey.
Demon Cleaner 09:47 18th February 2015
Damn British Airways

The flight was cancelled, and we had to rebook. Everything went fine in the end, and we even got a better flight, which is now one hour earlier in NY, and we're landing on JFK instead of Newark. The flight is a little bit earlier than the previous one, and the stay in Heathrow is shorter, so I'm glad it worked out fine.

In the beginning the new flight was only from Sunday, so we would have needed to call the hotel to reschedule our stay, which is not obvious, and we would have to take Monday off when we come back, as we only arrive the next day at 11am. Plus the hotel is not refundable, in case we couldn't go at all. And the flight back would also have been rebooked. Then a bit later there was another flight available, the one we booked now. The flight back is still the same now.

But the problem is, British Airways didn't inform us about it, no mail, no call, no notice whatsoever!! If my girlfriend wouldn't have checked yesterday to see about the check-in, we wouldn't have noticed it until the very last day.

We're going to contact British Airways anyway now to complain.
Harrison 10:00 20th February 2015
That is a shame because I've always had good service from BA in the past.
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