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Thread: Getting ready for NY
Kin Hell 11:55 28th February 2015
I agree with H. BA are just about the best wherever you fly & it's a shame it's tarnished things slightly.

When you complain @ BA, they usually do pull out the stops. GL fella.
Harrison 19:24 28th February 2015
When we went on our Honeymoon to Italy in 2008 we flew with BA, and on the return journey we had just taken off and one of the stewardesses asked if we had just got married and gave us a free bottle of champagne and chocolates.
Demon Cleaner 12:54 3rd March 2015
I'm back, was quite amazing, gonna post some pictures once I've them ready.
Demon Cleaner 15:36 7th April 2015
I was in my yearly cure for my back, returned today again to work, so I'm probably gonna organise the photos next week, then I'm gonna post some.
Kin Hell 12:56 12th April 2015
Did you complain to BA after all this?
Demon Cleaner 10:31 13th April 2015
No, everything went fine.
Kin Hell 11:30 13th April 2015
Good stuff!
Demon Cleaner 13:18 17th April 2015
So here are some pictures:

Chinatown (for Chinese New Year's day)

Little Italy

Empire State Building (5 blocks away from our hotel)

Empire State Building Rooftop

Frozen East River

View to Downtown Manhattan

Me freezing, even with the beard

Madison Square Garden (NY Rangers vs. Calgary Flames)

Jack O'Donnell was attending the game

Times Square

Central Park

Chrysler Building

One World Trade Center & Ground Zero

Boat trip to Staten Island

Grand Central Station

Teho 17:17 17th April 2015
Nice pictures. Looks like you got to see a lot of the place.
Demon Cleaner 19:01 17th April 2015
Originally Posted by Teho:
Nice pictures. Looks like you got to see a lot of the place.
Yeah, but still missed many, one week is too short to visit NY, at least I went to the main "attractions" there. And of course, the highlights were having great meals twice a day.
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