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Thread: Hyperion declared backrupt.
Buleste 10:09 15th February 2015
Hyperion, the makers of Amiga OS 4 have been declared bankrupt in Belgium.
Stephen Coates 10:32 15th February 2015
That doesn't sound too good. Any idea why they went bankrupt?
Harrison 18:57 15th February 2015
Apparently according to one of their directors the company hasn't gone bankrupt and it is an administration error. We don't know if this is true or not.. we will just have to wait and see.

If they did go bust it would mean OS4 rights reverting to Amiga Inc, which would probably be even worse.

The really sad thing is that regardless of ownership, no one is doing anything much with Amiga OS. OS4 really hasn't evolved in the last 10 years and is such in a dead end whilst they keep it locked into the dead PPC platform. They would only ever move forward by moving over to Intel and finally unlocking all the best PC hardware available to the OS. Imagine the speed of OS 4 on an i3, let alone an i5 or i7? That would be amazing.
Stephen Coates 08:53 16th February 2015
Personally I'd like to see OS4 on ARMs. It would make a neat OS for a Raspberry Pi.

The only problem I have with them continuing to use PPC hardware is the cost. It is very expensive.
Phantom 13:28 13th March 2015
Probably they aren't considering the latest statements, but following the super-expensive PPC route it's not good either.
Kin Hell 16:38 17th March 2015
flimbo 15:14 29th April 2015
oh dear
SamuraiCrow 15:28 30th April 2015
Amigas aren't multithreaded at the OS level. This includes the next gen systems. An i3 could keep up with an i7 and my RasPi B2 would not be much better than a RasPi B+ for running any AmigaOS or similar system. OS4 would drag on a RasPi even if recompiled just like it drags on a Sam 440.

Hyperion may not be bankrupt but I will be developing for the Apollo Team on FPGA instead of PPC. Aros works on Intel and RasPi using hosted on Linux and is still being developed. Why worry?
Harrison 15:52 30th April 2015
All very well, but there is no commercial future in that direction of development, just a small enthusiast market at best, meaning inflated hardware priced due to limited production volume.

I really don't know if there ever would be a more commercial way to produce something at an affordable price point which would appeal to a wider market. The only logic future is to utilise Intel CPUs natively, as Apple did years ago when they saw PPC wasn't going anywhere.
Kin Hell 16:13 30th April 2015
I'll endorse what H says above.

PPC is long dead...... in's "dead-er than dead" already, and many many years ago.
So much so, an 060 @ 50Mhz running OS3.9 with Voodoo/Radeon display completely annihilates even a Statchu modified PPC @ 333Mhz runnming OS4.1 Classic.

My F'naaaar earlier was a simple retort to the old Amiga OS infamous quote...... "2 more weeks". If they went bust or go bust, they deserve it in my books, for releasing a bastard-isation of the next OS after 3.9.
OS 4.0 Classic made me sell 3 complete PPC Amiga's, seeing 060's making 233Mhz PPC's look worse than an A1200 on stock 68020's.

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