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Thread: Floppy degrading
Kin Hell 17:37 17th March 2015
Originally Posted by Phantom:
If you take care of your floppies, then there is nothing to be afraid of. Almost all of my old 20-25 year old floppies working perfectly, probably because they were storaged in their boxes and in dry places, with no magnetic fields around and/or humid etc. Even my Amstrad CPC 6128 disks are working.

As for Gotek; ugly and doesn't have anything to do with Amiga. The internal Amiga disk drive is a mandatory component of the Amiga's heart. I cannot live without hearing the unique noise the the floppy drive makes, simple as that.

And the video......

Phantom 00:48 18th March 2015
Kin Hell 17:16 18th March 2015
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