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Thread: Classicamiga will be offline on the 16.02.2015 for scheduled server work
Harrison 11:08 8th February 2015
Dear members,

This is to inform you all that the Classicamiga server will be going offline at some point during the 16.02.2015 from 23:00 hours for scheduled work within the data-centre.

The data-centre is undergoing an upgrade to optimise utilisation and significantly reduce it's energy consumption. We hope that the downtime will be minimal, but the data-centre has informed me that the server could be offline for up to 4 hours, so please ensure any communications you have in progress take this downtime into consideration.

The Classicamiga email addresses may also be down for this time (as the email server is also running on the same server) so if you have any questions or require any information during the downtime you can contact me directly via

Thank you and as always please PM or post if you have any questions.