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Thread: Memory cards
C64ER 16:02 11th January 2015
Hello all,
I have two Supra RAm boards, one with 4MB the other with the stock 2MB. Question is can I run both cards in my A2000?

Reason I ask is I can't find the chips at a reasonable price to get my 4MB up to 8MB.
Harrison 21:26 11th January 2015
In theory they should work OK together, as long as they dynamically assign memory address space, and are not hard coded to expect the first memory address space after the chip ram.

There is no hard in trying it out as you shouldn't hurt anything. Install one and make sure the ram is seen in workbench, then add the second card and see what happens. The worst will be a red guru meditation with a ram error.
C64ER 13:08 12th January 2015
Thanks Harrison. I'll give it a go.