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Thread: New Amiga Game: Love Dungeon
Puni/Void 18:10 20th December 2014
A new game for the Amiga has been released today and it has a cool name, namely LOVE DUNGEON!

Harrison 20:26 20th December 2014
Strange concept, but could be good. Looked at screenshot, but not had time to watch video yet.
Demon Cleaner 10:30 22nd December 2014
Looks like they stole a LOT from Bruce Lee on C64, and Bruce Lee is one of my all time favorite games, and there are also some good remakes out. So unfortunately I don't like this so much.
Tiago 10:37 22nd December 2014
Yes a lot from Bruce Lee, that screen from video is almost equal.
Demon Cleaner 11:37 22nd December 2014
Characters and their animations are almost done 1:1