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Thread: SuperTed: The Search for Spot (new game)
hipoonios 11:33 22nd November 2014

Anyone on this forum remember this guy? I used to watch that animated TV show as a kid. So I made a game about him

More info by visit this page.
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Puni/Void 18:50 25th November 2014
Nice! Definitely going to try this on my A1200. Good job!
flimbo 00:11 3rd November 2015
I would Love to play it but unfortunately I am still waiting for access to the vault to download the kickstart roms so I can use my emulator to play it, I asked Harrison back in April and he told me he would email me the kickstart files its now been 7 months still no luck. I post in the forums enough and use the arcade section a lot.

Its like trying to join the free masons trying to get into the vault. If you are not very trusting people fine dont cause give me access i dont really care weather you give me access to the vault or not I just want the kickstart roms you can email them to me if you like

I purchased the official Amiga forever pro emulator, I just need those Kickstart roms

I want to play super ted

Thank you
Harrison 08:27 7th November 2015
If you purchased Amiga Forever then you have a legal copy of all the kickstart roms included with it.

Regarding the vault, as mentioned before I have been moving house, and am currently without proper Internet access.

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flimbo 17:47 7th November 2015
Well I did'nt get the Kickstarter roms with mine and I bought the Amiga forever pro version from the official website, 8 months is a very long move house were the hell you moving to mars
Harrison 13:34 10th November 2015
It was a complicated house purchase due to deeds, additional land, covenants etc..

You definitely have the kickstart roms in Amiga Forever and it uses a customised version of WinUae. So can just run Amiga games with it. You don't need anything else.

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