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Thread: Hyperspin setup
Harrison 11:04 11th November 2014
Someone over on Amibay has just finished building their Hyperpin arcade setup and have made the following video available to show it working in all it's glory.

I really need to find the time to finish setting Hyperspin up myself.

Demon Cleaner 13:21 11th November 2014
I finished with the first 15 systems so far, and that took me some weeks already, to make every single system look as clean as possible.

I have every system ready, I think it's 85 different systems, but there's duplicate files, obsolete files, old emulators... Every time I do one system, I clean it, update the emulator, configure it (start up, keys...), and write a little FAQ along with that, how to use the emulator, key mapping, homepage of emulator... Only when I finished with one system, I go over to the next, and still, if there's something that didn't work for 100% (there's obviously sometimes tougher to solve problems), I write it down in my notebook, and will come back to the problem later, once I have finished the complete set.

Adding something that is not existing yet, a game f.ex., needs some special tweaking, as you have to make a picture for the wheel, edit the xml, find a video of the game, to make it look as nice as possible, that will be a big challenge, because adding 100 games to one system is almost not possible because it's too time consuming, if there's no existing xml yet, and I doubt that there will be ever one with the games you only want to add.

If you want to add a whole emulation system, you also have to write a new configuration file.

So basically every time you're working on a system, you have to consider to make changes not only in one single place, but in several, and then cross check the whole thing and test if it's still working, so trust me when I tell you this, it's a hell lot of work.

I didn't work on it since one whole month now, as I have first to do some other stuff. Once I'm finished, I would like to share it with people I know very well only.
Kin Hell 13:49 17th November 2014
It's great seeing this kind of thing and very interesting seeing other peoples work stations set up in all their glory.....

Yet I always wince when I see people stuffing Floppy drives alongside CRT monitors....

This guy goes one better be creating two colosal Magnetic Fields each side of that floppy stack! - Meh!