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Thread: Pancake lenses
Stephen Coates 17:04 31st October 2014
I also prefer dedicated controls, but I think the problem with digital cameras is that they have a lot more functionality than a basic film camera would, and that functionality has to go somewhere.

I was looking at Fujifilm's mirrorless cameras the other week. They looks really good with their dedicated shutter speed and aperture knobs .

Harrison, on your 60D, do you find it useful having the LCD on top of the camera for the main settings?
Harrison 23:33 31st October 2014
I wouldn't buy a dslr without a dedicated display like that. It's so much faster being able to directly see the manual settings for iso, shutter speed, aperture etc, and also the light meter, so you can set the correct settings for the next shot before you even look through the camera.

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Stephen Coates 13:16 1st November 2014
I reckon it could sometimes be useful having a simple display for things like that, but some argue that because the details are also on the main large LCD, the top LCD is pretty much redundant.
Harrison 19:01 1st November 2014
On higher end cameras you don't often use the main screen until you take the shot to review them (stays blank).. you don't tend to use them for settings like you do an entry level one. And if you are not using the top display you use the display within the viewfinder to see the same settings and light meter.
Stephen Coates 14:45 10th January 2015
I bought the EF-S 24mm this morning from Jessops for 171.

Its a neat little lens, and fits nicely on my EOS 500D. I haven't had chance to use it much yet, but I took a few sample photos out of the window and it looks nice and sharp, even when wide open. I wasn't sure about the manual focusing (with the ring simply activating the motor, rather than being mechanically coupled to the lens), but it actually seems to work nicely. Also, the new Canon lens cap is good .

Here are some photos of the lens on my camera, and shown in comparison to an EOS 300 with an EF 50mm.


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