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Thread: Finally back online!
Harrison 13:21 13th September 2014
After moving back to my own house at the end of last month, BT finally reconnected my internet (Infinity connection)! I've had good service and no issues until now so not too bad, but had to wait nearly 2 weeks for it to be connected this time.

Some stupid person had booked an engineer to connect the internet 2 days before the phoneline was connected, so a bit obvious that it wouldn't work, and the Indian call centre I had to ring couldn't understand the reason and just said I would be contacted later in the week... however I instead received an email 2 days later saying they had put in a new order for BT Infinity and it would be connected today (almost 2 weeks later). Oh well, at least it is now.

And not bad bandwidth and ping time either!


Demon Cleaner 14:07 13th September 2014
Faster than 93% of GB
zapiy 16:34 13th September 2014
Great stuff fella...
Kin Hell 16:29 15th September 2014
Shame you're not as quick with Pics of ur WareZ for sale, ur connection is.....

As a matter of interest H; - How far from the Cabinet are you?
Harrison 16:33 15th September 2014
About 200 metres.

I've not forgotten the pictures mate, with the house moving and sorting everything out (including cleaning and doing the whole garden at the rented place) I've only just started to get everything back to normal.
Kin Hell 16:37 15th September 2014
I know you haven't bud & np either.

I'm about 750m away with reduced downstream & Upstream SNR's by 75%. Total poo for gaming on because of...... It's like you have an elastic connection ffs!

Connection Pic on my Sig is old. I'm now down to this:

The Upload speed hits about 4.5 & then slowly increases to it's max by the end of the test. Utter pant's & so indicative of just how "Elastic" my internet experience is from this address.
In the last 4 weeks, I've seen 15m/s pings to Google hit 36 & now have settled back down @ 24m/s. Complaining about this got me a Deadlock letter from Sky. So I now have one from them as well as BT. Too hilarious.....
Teho 17:42 15th September 2014
Did I tell you guys I'm on fibre now? I'm on fibre now.

It should actually be 100/100 but still, pretty nice.

E: Oh, and my provider is Canal Digital, not Telenor. Don't know why they get that wrong.
Tiago 18:04 15th September 2014
94 mbit/s ??
i only have 30 mbit/s
we also have 100 here, but so far 30 for me is fine, i don't download a lot.
Harrison 02:06 16th September 2014
Very nice Teho. No such service exists here, and even if it did I would need to live in a large inner city to obtain it, much like cable.
Kin Hell 07:25 16th September 2014
@ Teho

Very nice indeed.

That's Fibre to the premises for ya folks.

Originally Posted by Harrison:
Very nice Teho. No such service exists here, and even if it did I would need to live in a large inner city to obtain it, much like cable.
Actually H, you're wrong. The housing Estate opposite me has Fibre to the Premises. Not ALL of them, but lots of them. BT have NOT enabled it yet & is probably why my Experience from CAB 27 is so crap. Everyone else is off the same CAB in my area & it's been like this on Fibre for 3 years now. ... + 9 years of hell on ADSL.

You might be right about it being a large inner city to support these speeds like Teho, (Holland have had Fast Cable since the late 80's btw) but one thing I do know is this.
A Couple of BT Engineers live on this New Estate opposite me (I wouldn't be surprised if BT Re-housed them ffs) & have been trialling 300Mb on the FTH! - It makes me sick they can fudge this sort of stuff in this way. Taking hundreds of Millions of pounds of consumers money & pissing it in the wind like this is nothing short of extortion & I have not seen a 75% reduction in my line rental for allowing BT to get more crap services out to even more unsuspecting customers.
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