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Thread: Finally back online!
Harrison 07:59 16th September 2014
A few exchanges have been upgraded for FTTP ready for Infinity 3 (160mb) and Infinity 4 (300mb) but I don't know of anyone whom can actually order it yet. Upload bandwidth is still going to be much lower at 30mb though. And you also need to pay for the fibre to be installed from the cabinet to your house, costing a rumored 2000!

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Stephen Coates 15:02 16th September 2014
They all look pretty good .

I haven't done a test for a while, but I just did one now, and got this:

That's not bad for ADSL.
Harrison 16:25 16th September 2014
Have you been tempted by Infinity Steve? I would imagine your area is activated now.

Many people say they don't see a point in upgrading because they don't download much, but when you can download at 10MB/s downloads start to become almost instant and it does make the whole internet experience so much nicer without the waiting... plus no buffering during video streaming and this makes it brilliant for anytime services such as Sky Anytime and streaming services such as iPlayer.
Stephen Coates 16:41 16th September 2014
I'm pretty sure we'd be able to get it here, but I've not checked. I'm still enjoying the 13Mbps after being stuck with 2Mbps for so long .

I don't think I would have much use for infinity. With my ADSL I can already watch HD video quite well. If it stops, it usually isn't buffering, but rather something (e.g. YouTube) which has screwed up.

In future, fibre will be useful, but at the moment, it isn't worth the cost, especially with us getting our ADSL and phone line at a rather knock down price. It seems quite reliable as well at the moment (fingers crossed).
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