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Thread: The Goonies for C64
LowercaseE 15:23 10th April 2007
Does anyone know how to beat the last level of this game? A friend of mine is going nuts trying to do it and he keeps asking me but I don't know. I've searched the usual sites (lemon64, gamefaqs, etc.) but have come up with nothing. Thanks.
Demon Cleaner 17:43 10th April 2007
Don't know, but I have to say: The SID of Goonies is one of my favorite C64 tunes, awesome

At they have walkthroughs, perhaps it's there, I cannot check it right now, it's websensed.
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flimbo 01:31 3rd November 2015
If you watch this video and skip to the end of it you can watch how to complete it