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Thread: Commodore Amiga: New Kickstarter coming soon
Demon Cleaner 03:47 6th October 2014
It will kickstart for my birthday

C64 book has been shipped already!!

Originally Posted by Sam Dyer:
Thanks so much for you order from You will be pleased to hear that it has been shipped.

Teho 15:17 14th October 2014
So the kickstarter's been up since yesterday. It's allready reached it's funding goal and then some.

Oh, and a belated happpy birthday, DC.
Demon Cleaner 15:49 14th October 2014
Originally Posted by Teho:
Oh, and a belated happpy birthday, DC.


Originally Posted by :

You are now an official backer of Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium. Time to tell the world about it!

Tiago 17:05 14th October 2014
Happy Birthday Demon!!
zapiy 20:03 15th October 2014
Amazing how it reached the target so quick.
Harrison 23:13 19th October 2014
Nice.. and yeah, happy belated birthday mate. Hope you had a good one.

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Demon Cleaner 03:45 20th October 2014
My C64 compendium was shipped the 27th of September, but I still didn't receive it, hopefully it didn't get lost somewhere
Demon Cleaner 03:47 12th February 2015
Sam Dyer, the author of the two books asked me to translate some of the texts of the Amiga book into German and French, so I helped him out. Yesterday I got a mail from him, if I would be willing to translate both books completely into German (and perhaps later into French). The German community is quite big, as both computers were quite famous in Germany, so he wants to put the books in pdf format for download on his site, don't know yet if for free or for some buck.

So I don't know now if I should do it or not, as it's quite a lot of work, and he would like to have it as soon as possible, of course, but I would ask him if there's a deadline. He also told me that he would give me something, it wouldn't be for free that I would have to do it.

I really would like to help, but it seems like a big project, and if I'm the only one working on it, it could take some time. I would have to do most at work obviously, because if I also would work on it during weekends, my girlfriend would probably kill me

What do you think?
Tiago 12:25 12th February 2015
"...I also would work on it during weekends, my girlfriend would probably kill me ..."
Well, first thing... do you really want to do it? If you are sure you want to do it, i would talk to her, and say something like:
"look honey, i want to do this work, it means a lot to me, it's something that i believe and respect. It's like putting my work at the service of the community. she should understand.... or maybe not
Demon Cleaner 14:52 12th February 2015
The first thing she asked was how much he would pay me

I wrote him back, still waiting for an answer.
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