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Thread: My A600 upgrades
Harrison 11:46 7th August 2014
I've been considering downsizing my Amiga collection for some time, and as I only really do gaming on real Amigas these days I've decided I only need to keep an A600 (as it's so small), an A1200 for AGA, and a CD32 for CD games.

With that in mind I've been slowly upgrading my A600 to a decent gaming spec as I've managed to get hold of the parts.

Just fitted a 4MB A608 fast ram expansion so I don't need to use the 2MB PCMCIA SRAM card plugged into the side now. These are quite rare as there was only ever a limited production of the PCBs for these, but as the PCB schematics are freeware in the community a few different people had some made and I was lucky to find someone with one for sale recently.

Current spec of the A600 is:

I still need to finish modifying the side of the case so the Gotek drive fits perfectly.. will be doing that next week.. then will take some pictures and post them here. I highly recommend these Gotek drive emulators as they are so cheap and work really well.. a great alternative to the expensive HxC.

The final thing I still have planned is to eventually fit an Indivision ECS scandoubler so I can ditch the old 14" Philips CRT monitor and use a spare 17" LCD I have to finally get decent image quality. I've already experimenting with lots of cheaper methods of getting Amiga and other retro system RGB scart signals onto an LCD and none of the cheaper solutions are that great. Something I will expand on in another thread.
Tiago 13:20 7th August 2014
I will buy one Gotek one of this days, looks very good.
Harrison 14:35 7th August 2014
Let me know when you want one as I have a friend whom can supply a pre-flashes Gotek bundle at cost, containing the Gotek flashed with Amiga firmware and a USB flasher needed to reflash the drive for newer firmware. Well worth it.