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Thread: Considering downsizing retro collection again
Kin Hell 07:42 15th August 2014
@ Harrison

See PM.

@ Phantom

Hiya mate. I am now just clearing the room where your Black 1084-S is buried. Once I can get my hands on it, I'll be shipping it to you.
Be in touch soon.
Kin Hell 11:33 18th August 2014
H & I are discussing a Mirage Pro set up, dual External floppy & hopefully, a duff A4KD Mobo since my PM moments ago.
zapiy 10:23 8th November 2014
@harrison you still clearing some stuff out pal? Not heard back in a while?
Harrison 17:59 8th November 2014
I am, but it's very slow going because of loads of other stuff at the moment. I have most of my retro stuff stored at my parents house at the moment (2 of their spare rooms) so my house looks tidy whilst its up for sale, so its difficult to get over there (40 miles) to go through it. I do however have a few days off in the next couple of weeks, so will be spending at least a day there going through as much as possible, cataloguing it all, boxing up, taking pictures, measuring and weighing for postage costs etc.. and testing. I will then post a list of everything I'm selling, but will offer the list to those already interested first before going public so you have first pickings.
zapiy 23:34 8th November 2014
No worries pal, thanks for the update.
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