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Thread: Elite: Dangerous
Tiago 16:39 14th January 2015
Thanks for the info Teho.
"... you can play it in solo-mode if you don't like to run into other players ..."
Is that somehow a single player?? Can you change that during the game? If you start as solo-mode, can you changed it later? Or vice versa?

Buy the way you talked about prices, that looks a bit like X3 series. They have a big economic system. I am getting more and more curious about the game. I don't know if i can avoid it much more...
Teho 16:42 14th January 2015
Yes, solo-mode is basically single player but still in the dynamic universe which is influenced by all the player's actions. You just won't ever see any of them. And yes, you can switch between solo and open play whenever you wish.
Tiago 16:54 14th January 2015
That's good. I am almost convinced... but 50 euros... i never bought a game for that..
Harrison 13:32 15th January 2015
35 is fairly standard for a new game release, although I agree I never normally pay this and wait for steam sales, but I don't expect Elite to drop in price much as it is in constant development, and already had a lot of sales at this price point, so no need to drop the price to increase sales.

It is definitely worth it, rather than playing the older games in the series. The graphics and on screen effects produce the game we imagined in our heads playing the older games back in the day, and for me that is great.

The controls are also a lot more realistic. This means you will be a couple of hours fiddling around until you get the hang of everything. The biggest challenge to begin is docking. No docking computers in the game yet! Means you have to do it all manually. Very nerve racking to begin, but a big sense of achievement the first time you successfully do it.

Control wise using keyboard and mouse is not good in this game because it just doesn't give enough control. Using an Xbox 360 controller makes the game very payable, although you do still need to use the keyboard for things like lowering landing gear or using thrusters whilst landing. But to get the best experience a proper Hotas flight sim controller with joystick and throttle is the best control. You can spend hundreds on these but equally you can get a fairly good one by thrustmaster for about 30.

Regarding in-game activities. At the moment it's very similar to frontier, but future on going development will be adding the ability to get out of your chair and walk around your ship, and also leave your ship and walk around docked stations. They are also working on planets, allowing landing and exploration.
Tiago 14:37 15th January 2015
Well... ok ok, i will buy it ! I need to end this torture
My paypal account needs funds, 2 more days and i will do it.
Tiago 13:25 19th January 2015
Got it !!!!
I did some training missions.
docking..... is... i mean... first time went fine, i dock perfectly. But after, i took 7 minutes trying to approach the landing dock, without seing the target system... the blue dot system. strange... and some docking look automatic... ??
then i went for real. I did a delivery (bullitin board) of some goods to other station. But didn't had fuel, so i had to pass for 2 systems first and refuel on them.
Earned +/- 5500 in the first delivery. After that i didn't had the time for anything else. Just looked at the buy/sell board of the station.

Is there any way to know prices in a different station? Do i have to write in paper every price i see...?
Harrison 14:56 19th January 2015
Unlike the fixed prices of the older Elite games, the demand for certain goods and their prices fluctuate all the time because even in the single player game they are linked to the multiplayer universe, so when players have provided enough goods in demand at one location the price falls and the profit vanishes. It is much harder to trade than it used to be, but more like real life. You can see when you look at a list of goods the systems demanding them, so you can write those down and then see if any of those systems can be profitable.
Tiago 14:28 22nd January 2015
Yesterday i made some money with buy/sell and improved the energy distribution.
Maybe i will try mining. But i didn't see yet any station selling the necessary items to do that.

What is that stuff that sometimes appears floating in space. My computer tells me that i discover something, i approach and looks like space ship parts, debris or something. I navigate near it, but don't now what to do. Should i buy any device to scan it?
Teho 14:59 22nd January 2015
Nah, you don't need any device. There will often be some cargo canisters floating around with the debris there. Some are actually pretty valuable. But if you scoop them they are considered stolen, so be careful. You'll get fined and could be shot at if you're scanned with them aboard.

Those unidentified signal sources can contain pirates and traders and a lot of other things as well. They are where you go to look for stuff for bulletin board missions. For example if you take a mission to shoot pirates or find certain items in a system, you go to that system and check the unidentified signal sources. Game mechanic wise it is random what they contain but when you're on a mission they have a higher chance of having what you need it to have. That's one of things they changed in the beta, it used to be that they were random all the time. You could stop at dozens of them without finding what you needed back then. It still may take a more than a few tries but it's not nearly as bad now.

Even if you have a mission to pick something up from one of them it will still be considered stolen goods. So you may need to smuggle it into the station if there are authority ships around scanning for criminals. The trick is to just get inside before a scan completes, once you're inside you're safe. How you go about that is up to you though. Some turn on silent running to avoid their radar, others just race in as fast as they can.

If you're not on a mission and are carrying stolen goods you need to find a black market to get rid of it. It will be under the Contacts item in the station menu if there is one there. It's one of the many things you need to find and keep track of yourself in this game.

Hopefully one day you'll be able to make notes right on the galaxy map in the game. I know a lot of players are asking for this. But for now you really need to have pen and paper next to you while playing this.
Tiago 17:09 22nd January 2015
Ok, thanks Teho, i still don't have any weapons upgrade. I only find one pirate yet, and i was able to kill it with any upgrade.
i am trying to earn some money not going to far and not risk to much so far.
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