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Thread: Elite: Dangerous
Harrison 01:23 15th December 2014
I've finally been looking to buy the dedicated flight controls, now that the release of Elite is on Tuesday, and was set on getting the Saitek X52 Pro, but after reading some more reviews and comparisons between different controls I've now decided to try and get the newer Saitek X55 instead as they suddenly seem to be the same price in some stores, and the X55 is a better product, so I think it's worth it.

Something that struck me is that none of the controllers have force feedback, not even something like the expensive Warthog. For that money you might expect it, especially when you consider a 100 wheel has it. Anyone got any ideas what has happened to force feedback and flight controls? I remember years ago the Microsoft controllers having it.. was it the Sidewinder?
Harrison 03:18 18th December 2014
I've been playing Elite a bit this evening now it's finally released and I'm really enjoying it.. however I've been having some issues with docking and thought I was doing something wrong, but I made sure I was docking at the correct numbered pad each time, I was straight and lowered the ship down slowly to the pad with the landing gear down... but it just wouldn't say I had landed/docked, it would touch down and just bounce against the ground until the time ran out and I had to quickly get out of the area and request docking again.

Turns out this is a really stupid thing at the moment, which could maybe be viewed as a bug? Your ship has to be facing the control tower on the pad. If it's the wrong way it won't let you dock, so you have to rotate your ship around until it decided you are the correct way and then it seems to work. Mad and so frustrating!

Until my flight controls arrive I've had to play the game using an Xbox 360 controller and keyboard/mouse combination. 360 controller works really nicely, but it doesn't have enough controls on it for everything, so you have to still control things like landing gear and hyperspace engage from the keyboard, and side thrusters have to be controlled using Q and E, so a bit annoying for docking. Can't wait to get the dedicated control stick and throttle. Should made the game 100 times more enjoyable.
Demon Cleaner 05:15 18th December 2014
What's the name of the book again, wait... Ah yes, Elite Dangerous: Docking is Difficult
Teho 07:29 18th December 2014
Annoyed me too in the beginning but you soon get used to it. In the larger stations you're always landing the way you came in anyway. On the smaller outposts look for the pad number, it's always at the front of the rectangle.

I've read that book, Demon. Didn't like it much myself, but it reviews well. I've also read Wanted which I liked much better and can really recommend if you want to read Elite fiction. Haven't read the other books yet.

And the game is definitely much better with a proper stick, Harrison. I'm a bit envious that you got the better one for the same price as my X52 though. In the meantime, you can map landing override controls so you can get those sideways thrusters on the controller while landing at least. But they're handy at other times too so yeah. Definitely better with a stick.
Demon Cleaner 13:57 18th December 2014
I didn't read the book, I actually never read books.
Harrison 15:20 18th December 2014
Never read books? Ever?

I'm always reading something, and often have 2 or 3 novels on the go at once. Still making my way through all the Star Wars novels at the moment (over 150 written to date).

Regarding docking, the developers could of made it so much easier just by sorting out that stupid direction you are pointing when you land issue.. simple solution could be some direction indications lit up on the landing pad, or even let you land whatever way you wish and the pad turns you around to the correct direction once you select to be taken into the station. Seems overly silly as you don't even get an reason or feedback when you can't work out why you can't dock and just keep hitting the ground and bouncing until the time runs out then the station destroys your ship with lasers! Surprised this wasn't discussed in alpha/beta stages.
Demon Cleaner 19:19 18th December 2014
I think reading gives you eye cancer Only reading magazines or documentations.
Harrison 14:05 6th January 2015
I think you are mixing that up with going blind!
Tiago 09:37 14th January 2015
i want to buy Elite, but it's a bit expensive but i don't want to wait for a price drop.
So, for what i see in youtube, it looks great.
But what is different from Elite frontier? Forget graphics/sound. You can go buy low send high, you can dock, get missions there... but that's the same. If it does not have a plot, what else can you do?
And sorry for my ignorance, but i never play online, i am not used to it. Total zero here. How do you play it?
Do you have all players in the same world? Or you have only a certain number in a certain server?
What about load/save game? In frontier, i could just load game if someting went wrong. If you are online, you can't do that i guess. So, how does it work? If you crash your ship? Do you have to start from beginning?
Teho 16:18 14th January 2015
When you get destroyed there is an insurance cost to get the same ship and equipment back. It is generally a very low cost compared to the value you are getting, but for the biggest ships with the best equipment it will be many millions. You can always check in your status screens what your current insurance cost is. Best not to do anything risky should you not have enough. If you do die and cannot pay the insurance, you really are back to square one. But this is usually not a problem, you will normally be able to cover it easily. Your starter ship is always free to replace so you won't have much to lose in the beginning, but most missions will fail and any uncollected bounties you had will be gone on ship destruction.

This is still Elite and similar to previous ones in most ways. You have all the old ways to earn money, trading, mining, bounty hunting, pirating, exploring and all of that. Only it's all more complicated than it used to be. For example, in the old games you could find an easy trade run where you jumped back and forth between the same two systems and made a nice profit. No such thing here, you need to plan a longer route which involves a lot of preparation beforehand where you have to go around and check and write down prices to find what's profitable. There is no easy way to get this information, and that is how it's meant to be now. Also, prices fluctuate based on player actions. So if there is high demand and a good price for a certain commodity somewhere and a lot of players go there to sell, the demand will be met and the price will drop. I know some traders in large ships just fly somewhat randomly around and make note of what is a good price for something and buy it whenever they come across a good deal, and just keep it in their hold until they come across a good sell price.

Trading is still the fastest way to make money once you've set yourself up for it, but you do need one of the larger trading ships with a decent cargo hold. You'll never make much with your small starter ship or any fighter-type. The entry-level trading ship isn't that expensive so you can earn yourself one relatively quick.

Best way to make money in the beginning is by doing missions from the bulletin board, and by collecting bounties from your fights. Once you've gotten a bounty reward you need to collect it by going to a station belonging to the faction that issued it and contacting them via the station interface. Keep an eye on which faction you are accepting missions for. Keep doing missions for the same one and you will get a better reputation with them and get offered better jobs.

While the game requires an always online connection you can play it in solo-mode if you don't like to run into other players. That said, you won't see them very often unless you're in the few places where a lot of the players are like the starting systems. The vast majority of ships you encounter will be NPC vessels.
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