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Thread: Elite: Dangerous
Harrison 21:25 30th October 2014
I think the need to get used to dedicated controls is true for them all. When I decided to eventually purchase a force feedback racing wheel, instead of using a 360 controller, I got hold of a very good priced Logitech Driving Force GT and it is a great wheel/pedal setup but I am still getting used to it compared to a gamepad.. the force feedback alone takes some time to get to grips with, even being used to driving a real car.

I think I will definitely get one of these.. but I'm not in a big hurry as I'm waiting for the final cheaper production release of Elite, so will be keeping an eye on the second hand ones that appear to grab a bargain. It's what I did with the Logitech wheel and grabbed that for under 30.
Teho 17:18 7th November 2014
Just announced, the official release will be on December 16th.
Harrison 01:37 8th November 2014
Brilliant. I will finally order a copy before the release and save 15 over the beta cost.
Harrison 21:13 19th November 2014
Online Only

What do you all think about this latest release detail?

The game will only be playable when connected online, even if you are playing the single player mode. You will not be able to play Elite offline.

I don't generally have an issue with this myself these days as I'm on a fast fibre connection, but when I used to be on ADSL which was sometimes quite slow or dropped out from time to time it was an issue for games requiring an online connection, and I expect many people are still in this situation. There was also the issue when I had to move a few times in the last couple of years, being left without any working internet for up to 2 weeks meaning I wouldn't have been able to play this game had it already been released.

Their reasoning is the size of the game universe and in game content.
Teho 21:24 19th November 2014
Specifically, their reasoning was that an offline version would not feature the dynamically changing universe that the online game will because all of that happens server-side. It would be a static universe, just like in the old games.

But the old games worked. They were in fact really bloody successful. I don't see why they could not have released this. It's inferior to the online game, yes, but they did promise an offline option in their kickstarter after all. I don't see why they couldn't just have the option, maybe with a pop-up explaining what you're missing when you start an offline game?

It doesn't matter much for me either of course, but I don't agree with their reasoning.
Harrison 22:49 19th November 2014
Exactly. Why not just include the default universe at the moment of launch for offline gameplay? One that doesn't evolve and dynamically change over time.

Any arguments of game file size would also be lame these days when you look at the ridiculous sizes some current game installs are becoming. Only recently the norm for a top PC game was somewhere between 8GB and 11GB for an install directory. Still pretty large, but nothing compared to new games. Looking at my recent currently installed games, Alien: Isolation is 23GB, Middle Earth is a very large 38GB, but I think the largest I currently have installed is Wolfenstein: The New Order, weighing in at 44.6GB! So they have no excuse for installed directory size at all.
Demon Cleaner 03:44 20th November 2014
I don't agree either. I understand their point, but it's just like Teho said, give us an option to switch it on or off, a lot of game developers seem to forget that, and I don't mean only because of the off/online option, but other stuff too. Sometimes a certain thing in a game is annoying me so much, that I don't even wanna play it anymore, so give us an option to switch it off, when it's possible.

Lately there was a top down racing game, can't remember the name now, where in the beginning you had to pass several driving licenses before being able to start a race, which is bonkers, if I buy a racing game, I wanna race, and not pass driver's tests first, reminded me of any GT, most annoying thing ever.

Remember one of the first Driver games, where in the beginning you had to drive around pillars in an underground parking lot, and without succeeding, you couldn't start the game, WTF!
Harrison 07:21 20th November 2014
The original Driver was definitely annoying with that underground area before you could even start the game. I remember it taking some time to master and succeed, but that was a good game so worth the hassle.

But I actually get the point of the driving licenses in Gran Turismo games as it attempts to teach you better driving within the game to be able to race around the tracks. That was sort of the reason for Driver's beginning too, but they just made it too hard. The harder licenses in GT4 actually teach you how to use the pressure sensitive buttons on the dual shock controller to feather the throttle around ever tighter concentric corners, a skill I would never have been able to do without the test. But at least with GT games you don't need to do much to get racing and are not really trapped from racing from the outset.
Demon Cleaner 08:29 20th November 2014
Fine, but they shouldn't be mandatory.
Harrison 12:42 20th November 2014
I suppose you could argue the Arcade mode exists in GT for those that don't want to spend a long time working their way through the simulation/career main game... but GT has always been billed as a Driving Simulator, so the licenses are meant to all be a part of that. In real life even F1 drivers have to earn a super license before they can race.
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