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Thread: Elite: Dangerous
Teho 16:35 22nd August 2014
Someone uploaded a video where they perform som cool smuggling stunts. Remember how you only needed to worry about getting caught while trying to sell smuggled goods, how there was little risk actually flying around and docking with the stuff? Well smuggling has become a somewhat more tense affair as you can see here. Obviously some places are more heavily guarded than others, but the fact that this can be realistically pulled off if you're skilled enough without resorting to exploits says something about the level of detail at work here. Speaking of which, this is the latest beta so there are more details and effects at work now than there was in those earlier videos.

Kin Hell 07:50 23rd August 2014
@ Teho

Great link m8 & don't it look great; ....Even though still Beta!
Tiago 09:54 25th August 2014
....... ...... that looks good ....
Demon Cleaner 10:15 25th August 2014
Looks really good!
Harrison 09:35 26th August 2014
That does look good! Very tempting to get the beta..
Teho 18:26 5th September 2014
Just thought I'd recommend subscribing to the newsletters. Lots of interesting information and high-res footage in them. The latest one details how exploration will work. It's not enough to just jump into a system and there you go anymore. There's several more layers of data to be mined from a system, you could then do a scan to determine the number of bodies in it for example. From there, you'll need to orbit each one individually to get detailed data about them. you'll then need to return to a civilized system with the proper facility to claim the discoveries and the rewards. There's risk involved, pirates can threaten the data from you as it is lost anyway if your ship is blown up. Doing detailed scans of bodies strains your ship so that your signature is visible to anyone else in the system. If others are exploring the same system as you.. well. Only the one who actually returns with the data reaps the rewards. So doing a full scan of everything in a system is actually very risky and time-consuming. So most people will probably do only a few deep scans of a couple of bodies and return, especially if one should stumble on a valuable find such as a habitable. This way there should always be something to explore without having to travel a huge distance to the outer frontier, as even just verifying that a worthless asteroid is in fact just a worthless asteroid has its value too. And sometimes it'll turn out to be full of resources and not so worthless after all.

See and subscribe to the newsletters here.
Tiago 10:22 8th September 2014
Nice, i just did it.
Harrison 18:16 8th September 2014
I will once my broadband is connected this coming Saturday.
Harrison 20:24 30th October 2014
@Teho. What's your verdict of the Saitek X52 Pro stick?

Some of the other makes of high end flight sticks are silly money, but the X52 isn't too bad, or is even better second hand (seen them go on eBay for under 50).

I ask because I will be getting Elite soon, and want a decent flight stick to enjoy it, but also I've just got hold of the newly re-released enhanced editions of Z-Wing and Tie-Fighter, so really want a decent flight stick for those too.
Teho 21:12 30th October 2014
I've had it for over a month, but haven't actually played around with it that much. I did try it out a little and I guess it takes a little getting used to a flight stick because I certainly wasn't flying better with it from the get go. A lot of the time I spent with it was tweaking the settings in Elite. Elite recognises it and has a basic setting for it but a lot of the buttons are unmapped so you'll definitely want to edit that a lot. That was in beta 1 though, beta 2 has rolled by and we're at beta 3 now. Could be a better standard setup now. I knew we were at the end of beta 1 when I started toying around with the stick and decided to wait till beta 2 to really get to grips with it. But then Wasteland 2 got its hooks into me before that, and I went on to Legend of Grimrock 2 after that which I'm still playing. So in the end I never even tried beta 2 at all. Will look at beta 3 after Grimrock, but I think I'll wait for the main release now before really getting into it. All progress will be reset then anyway.

I'm not disappointed with the flight stick in any way, I can say that much at least. The units themselves seem very sturdy. Doesn't feel like some cheap knockoff product. All the various analog inputs feel very precise, I didn't notice any lag or it going off calibration when recentering for example. There's a ton of inputs to map, more than you'd think by just looking at pictures. And if there aren't enough you can switch between three modes so you can have different setups for different situations. There's also a lot of settings to toy around with in the software, cosmetic as well as practical. There's anything from adjusting the deadzones and ranges of the various analog inputs to changing the colour of each little light individually.

I read a couple of reviews before I bought mine and all are praising it. Even though I haven't gotten that much experience with it myself I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's definitely the best stick in that price range. As you say you'd need to pay quite a bit more to get better ones, and they are only marginally so if the reviews are to be believed.
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