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Thread: WinUAE 2.8.2 Betas
Demon Cleaner 10:58 27th October 2014
New Betas:

Originally Posted by :
Beta 22:

CDTV-CR CD unit was initialized even when CDTV-CR emulation was not enabled. Broke CD access on configurations that used CD unit for other purposes.
Changed directory filesystem max file size limit (when not using 64-bit dos packets) to 4G-1. Old 2G-1 was technically official max size but most native filesystems donīt enforce it and support file sizes up to 4G-1 (at least as long as application uses unsigned integers)
Standard CD image read sector function didnīt handle (rarely used) 2336 byte CD sectors correctly.
Some statefiles have corrupt "extra_cycle" value (probably saved by some buggy beta) that causes long delay when restored, added workaround.
68000 CE mode IPL line sampling timing update. Do it during any memory access, not just prefetches.

Beta 21:

Moved CDTV-CR under original CDTV Quickstart option.
Added 3.44 CDTV-CR extended ROM.
CDTV-CR now boots CDTV CDs. CD audio player does not yet work and some games that play CD audio will hang. Also CD reading speed is currently unlimited.
Added 256M (max possible) Blizzard accelerator board RAM size support. Works with 1230, 1260 and PPC.
CSPPC P5_SELF_RESET bit emulation fixed, M68K can only reset PPC and PPC can only reset M68K if P5_SELF_RESET is not active. (Blizkick reset hang)
When switching quickstart modes, extended ROM was not reset if new mode didnīt use extended ROM.
Switching Quickstart models now remembers previously selected model configuration setting.
Disable tablet mode if tablet name query returns error or empty name. WTInfo() with null parameters is supposed to return error if tablet is not connected but it does not seem to be true with all drivers. (Fixes division by zero guru at boot if tablet emulation is enabled)
default_xlate() system halt didnīt work, broke probably when 1 second boot delay option was added.
default_xlate() now also generates bus error if Gary bus error bit is set instead of halting.
Include approximate exception startup time in non-cycle exact 68000 emulation modes.

Beta 20:

A2630 rom was not unmapped completely (only first half)
CSMK3/CSPPC/BPPC Amiga reset bit should stop the PPC before reseting the system to prevent random hangs.
CSMK3/CSPPC/BPPC switching off maprom programmatically (not hard reset) didnīt restore original KS ROM.
Added preliminary CDTV-CR emulation. Boots to title screen, preferences screen also works. Only clock and 4k (nonvolatile?) RAM emulated. No CD, no nothing else. v3.32 extended ROM added to ROM scanner, CDTV-CR option added to Quickstart.
PPC interrupt/thread-safety hang problems should be fixed.

PPC QEMUDLL updated. (

Demon Cleaner 12:54 24th November 2014

Originally Posted by :
Beta 24:

Native code Z3 offset was wrong if Z3 mapping was using "real" mode.
CD32 NVRAM file was not automatically created (b14).
Added some accelerator board A1200 and A4000 configs to Quickstart.
Only PCM audio worked (and was always used) when recording audio in non-wave mode.
Picasso IV in Z3 mode didnīt appear in Z3 autoconfig space.
Initialize VGA chip emulation earlier, fixes emulator crash when Piccolo board is configured. (Also for some reason Piccolo and Piccolo SD boards are not used by OS4)
Too large Z2 RTG VRAM value in config file was accepted as valid.
Show user friendly message if PPC CPU is started without PPC plugin.
Disassembler decoded FMOVE.x FPy, incorrectly, FPy was wrong.
"Untrap = middle button" + "Minimize when focus is lost" + full-window mode didnīt minimize. Only windowed mode should require real lost focus to become minimized.
GUI appeared under full-window background window.
Use secondary fast RAM bank for A2620/A2630 accelerator memory, works better with other Z2 boards (like A2091)
Allow hardware unsupported (total >8M) Z2 total board size. Can happen in real world so it should be available in emulation too.
Added Z2 autoconfig address validation, log and ignore any autoconfig attempt outside of valid Z2 regions.
Added 68030 + more compatible CPU core. Previously this combination was unusable.

Beta 23:

Dragging vhd file to harddrives panel now adds it as a HDF, not a directory if it does not contain any known filesystem or RDB identifiers.
PCMCIA IDE was always mounted without drive since drive attribute update long time ago.
PCMCIA IDE and SRAM can be added (card inserted) after emulation has been started.
Replaced "JIT direct compatible" option in memory panel with more useful Z3 mapping option: Auto = Use OS mapping if possible, fall back to UAE hack if JIT direct enabled and not enough adddress space. UAE = Always use UAE hack mapping (0x10000000). NOTE: not compatible with non-m68k operating systems. This mode was always forced until 282b1. Real = Always use OS mapping (0x40000000 with alignment support), disable JIT direct if not enough address space.
Fixed missing graphics in Disposable Hero title screen in non-cycle exact modes.
Load config with statefile set, load another config without statefile, GUI shows no statefile selected but when starting emulation statefile was still loaded.
CDTV-CR CD read speed is now limited to 1x/2x.
Added CD turbo data read speed mode, affects CDTV/CDTV-CR/CD32 emulation only. SCSI CD is always in turbo mode. Checkbox in CD/Harddrives panel.
QEMU PPC module update, now all extra dependencies are statically linked. External dlls are not needed anymore (whole pluginsqemu can be deleted). Must be located at pluginsqemu-uae.dll

Demon Cleaner 11:35 28th November 2014
Beta 25:

Originally Posted by :
- Added 1M/0.5M+0.5M chip/slow ram option checkbox to Advanced Chipset (for example in rev6 A500 it is JP2 solder pad). If hardware is configured for 1M chip without 512k slow ram, normal chip ram alias at upper 512k of chip ram address space gets replaced with "bus noise". Can be only changed when chip RAM size is less than 1M. (ECS Agnus + 512k chipram without slow ram configuration always used this option previously, now it is optional and not enabled by default)
- Map Chip RAM mirror at 0x01000000 in A2620/A2630 config, to prevent A26x0 built-in monitor program detecting huge ram expansion at 0x01000000.
- uaenet.device + slirp combination was broken (probably has always been).
- uaegfx modeid space increased, reduces modeid conflicts if host os has huge amount of modes.
- Debugger does not anymore exit stopped CPU state (STOP instruction) after exiting debugger.
- "SCSI (Auto)" priorities changed: mainboard built-in first, then accelerator board, expansions last. (Expansions was first previously)
- More accurate 68000 prefetch mode instruction cycle usage, added non-static cycle counting (mul, div etc..)
- Most CDTV-CR built-in CD audio player features, including CD+G, are now working. Media changes supported. 3.44 ROM CD player works better than 3.32.

Demon Cleaner 13:08 10th December 2014
Beta 26: RC1, Official release date deadline is mid december. This is far too too long beta series..

Originally Posted by :
- Bumped version to 3.0.
- Directory filesystem statefile support didnīt save open fileīs full path correctly if path was deeper than 2 levels from root. (Bug since directory statefile support was implemented)
- Z3 mapping mode = automatic: select always real mode if JIT is disabled.
- Added picassoiv_rom_file config file entry, if you want to use different versions or custom path.
- Off by one error in internal buffer calculation, display was shifted by 1 vertical pixel, hiding first line if window size was small enough but still big enough to fit all vertical lines.
- 68000 JMP (d8,An/PC,Xn) didnīt include extra 4 cycle idle time. (Documentation says 3 read cycles which is incorrect, correct sequence is 4 idle cycles + 2 idle cycles + prefetch + prefetch)

Demon Cleaner 03:50 15th December 2014
Beta 27: (RC2)

Originally Posted by :
Added compatibility warning message if PPC CPU (and m68k is stopped) configures UAE filesystem autoconfig board ("UAE" controller that is needed by uaehf.device bsdsocket, uaescsi and so on)
Added download url to no ppc plugin detected message.
Minimize when inactive option should be ignored if mode is fullscreen. Only uncapturing mouse in real fullscreen mode makes no sense. (b24)
68000 MOVE to CCR/SR idle cycle count is 4 cycles, not 6.
68000 prefetch mode ("more compatible") DBcc cycle counting fixed.
68030 prefetch/"cycle-exact" mode MMU instruction exception prefetch fix. (Same as 280b1 for FPU)
68030 "fake" MMU (MMU emulation not enabled = MMU instructions do nothing), absolute address (xxx.w and xxx.l) addressing modes were marked incorrectly as invalid.
Strange immediate TST variant (TST.x #z) is valid instruction if 68020+.
Allow 24-bit address space with 68030 CPU. (Not going to touch other CPUs just yet)

Demon Cleaner 04:57 29th December 2014
Beta 28: (RC3. Next should be final because this has enough last minute changes!)

Originally Posted by :
qemu-uae.dll updated to final 2.2.0 QEMU release. (No PPC changes)
Removed A26x0 chip ram mirror hack (b25), not needed anymore.
Copper WAIT with BFD=0 (wait for blitter enabled) sequence was incorrect, copper first waits for blitter, then it goes to normal WAIT state. Previously WAIT state check was done first, then blitter wait. It is not same because copper requires idle cycle when WAIT ends and it should be after blitter has finished, not before. (Last minute change 1)
Second last minute change: last line sprite DMA logic behavior difference between A1000 Agnus and Fat revisions. Sprite glitches are different in Skitro by Awesome/D-Tect/Vanish when run on A1000 vs OCS A500. Also fixes missing yellow glitches in same demo.
b23 "Fixed missing graphics in Disposable Hero title screen in non-cycle exact modes." broke (again) demo Back in 90 / Samplers. Added quick workaround: only do "Disposable Hero" fix if CPU is 68020+ (=works in most whdload configurations without glitches).

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