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Thread: [PS3] - YLOD
Demon Cleaner 03:42 22nd September 2014
Eventually it has the YLOD again, not very long after working fine again, switched it on perhaps 3-4 times.

I ordered a slim one now on eBay with 3.55 OFW for 200, hopefully that will be more stable.
Demon Cleaner 04:08 7th October 2014
Installed it yesterday, with CFW 4.60 and CEX Multiman, and it's running like before. Tried with the last game I was playing which was Sniper Elite III, and it worked fine. Only thing that didn't work, it was not loading my savegame, giving me the error message that the save would belong to a different user, thus cannot be loaded. Have to investigate that this afternoon.
Kin Hell 07:11 12th October 2014
I see you've "jumped" now........

But I'd still have the thing re-flowed professionally. Your YLOD PS3 has the Emotion Chip which gave it so much more backward capability too.

Any other PS3 u buy will not have this chip.
Demon Cleaner 08:26 14th October 2014
I don't need backward capability.
Kin Hell 06:13 17th October 2014
Then ur good to go!
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