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Thread: NEW Commodore Amiga Homebrew RPG 'Tales Of Gorluth' With Downloadable Demo.
zapiy 17:30 14th May 2014

Tales of Gorluth is a new Amiga homebrew, with at least 5 hours of action, fantastic visuals using around 64 colours on screen at once. Read more here..
tolkien 18:05 14th May 2014
I think I'll support It. Want to play It.
Harrison 09:19 15th May 2014
That looks good. Will definitely be trying out the demo this weekend.

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Phantom 09:13 20th May 2014
Looks very nice and smooth, will try out the demo as well.
tolkien 17:05 20th May 2014
I think It's good to be done with backbone...I mean Amos.