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Thread: Arcade nonMAME
Demon Cleaner 15:27 5th April 2007
Do you know what files are all included in this torrent? I never downloaded it, and I don't know what exactly it is. It has a lot of files and contains several emulators as I can see. But I don't know what for. Are there games within, which don't run in MAME yet? I hope you know.

Also I downloaded the ultimate NeoGeo torrent. It contains 4 folders, but the ROMs seem to be the same as MAME uses.
Harrison 17:19 5th April 2007
The Neo Geo roms will be identical to the MAME ones because MAME added emulation of Neo Geo arcade machines by merging the Neo Geo emulators Nebula and KAWAKS into it a while back. Although I still recommend you give Nebula a try if you haven't yet as it does emulate some of the Neo Geo games slightly smoother than MAME does.

As for the nonMAME set, this is strightly only games that made it into the arcades, and is a collection of all known Arcade game emulators that emulate games not currently supported by MAME itself, or for while other emulators currently emulate specific games better than MAME currently does.

Have you also heard of MESS? This is like the home system equivalent of MAME and the projects aim to to eventually enable MESS to emulate all know home systems in a single emulator. And in addition there is a nonMESS set that is a collection of everything currently not working or emulated in MESS.
Demon Cleaner 19:40 5th April 2007
Originally Posted by :
As for the nonMAME set, this is strightly only games that made it into the arcades
So absolutely no need to d/l if you have the complete MAME set?
Originally Posted by :
Have you also heard of MESS?
I also use MESS sometimes, for systems that don't have an own, or a good emulator. I used it some time for the Vectrex and Zircon Channel F emulation.
Harrison 19:31 6th April 2007
Oh, I would say the nonMAME set is worth downloading in addition to MAME itself as it does contain sets for emulators that run games MAME current doesn't support, or that MAME currently doesn't run that well.

Also remember that the MAME set is using merged sets, where games that used common roms (based on the same hardware) are merged into sets, whereas some other emulators don't know how to use these, so the alternate rom sets in nonMAME or Neo Geo may be required for the other emulators.

An example of this is Zinc where I did try the MAME roms with it once to see what would happen and it didn't recognise half of them, so I did have to download the correct Zinc set.
Demon Cleaner 19:48 2nd September 2016
Btw, long time I didn't see NonMAME sets getting updated. Was going through my NAS and saw that the latest versions are NonMAME ROMs 142 and NonMAME CHDs 141.

Are they not existing anymore?
Harrison 21:42 2nd September 2016
I'm not sure if it's bring maintained any more. It's still a useful resource because, even old, it's not merged roms so they will work with any emulator.

There are of course other sets too such as TOSEC and GOOD.

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