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Thread: Will get another new car
Demon Cleaner 06:03 23rd April 2014
Yesterday I signed the contract for a new car, and I will sell my 3 year old Audi, if you remember the car, topic here.

What I bought? Another Audi, but the A3's bigger brother.

- Audi A5 Coupé 3.0 TDI V6 quattro with 245hp
- 7 gear S-Tronic automatic gearbox
- S-Line interior + exterior
- newest Audi MMI multimedia system with navigation, bluetooth, DVD, MP3/iPod/iPhone...
- Bang & Olufsen sound system with 14 speakers and a 10-channel 505W amp
- 19" rims, the rotors, same that I had on the A3
- full leather and heated, electrical sports seats
- basically every possible option is on the car, besides sunroof
- color is glacier white with tinted windows

I will already get it on the 10th of May, then I will post some pictures.
Tiago 09:25 23rd April 2014
i wish i could afford that, taxes here are to much. We receive less money then you, and cars are more expensive.... much more...
Demon Cleaner 10:01 23rd April 2014
How much does a car like this then cost in Portugal?

I know that you pay quite a lot of taxes, when I was there 20 years ago, it was almost like 50%, which is crazy.

But is it not that the car price remains the same, it depends on the loan you take?
Harrison 10:30 23rd April 2014
Wow! Now that is a very nice car. I love the A5. And they look really nice in white too. A neighbour has the S5 and that sounds amazing too.

I'm currently considering changing my car for the A6 3.0 TDi Quattro, but a secondhand one. A new one here would cost over £50K.
Tiago 13:50 23rd April 2014
Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
How much does a car like this then cost in Portugal?
I know that you pay quite a lot of taxes, when I was there 20 years ago, it was almost like 50%, which is crazy.
But is it not that the car price remains the same, it depends on the loan you take?
You pay taxes for the car, as any other product, but on top of that, they put an extra tax,

First search i got: 71.283,48€
Harrison 14:12 23rd April 2014
I will see what the same car is in the UK later. Will be interesting to compare the cost of the same car across different EU countries. I know the UK is quite expensive and in the past some people have actually purchased in Europe and then re-registered the car once driven back to the UK.
Demon Cleaner 14:13 23rd April 2014
That's basically the one I will get, but no "clean diesel". Mine costs around 62.000€ here. With complete full options, I guess it would be 2.000-3.000€ more, but like I mentioned before, that would be with sun roof, which I don't want.

I'm eager to post some pictures, only 2 and a half more weeks to go

Here in Luxembourg the taxes are still quite low, compared to other countries, it's 15% at the moment, but from the 1.1.2015 it will go up to 17%. If you buy the car in Finland f.ex., as my girlfriend sometimes compares, you also pay a lot more, cars are already more expensive than here, plus the taxes are 22%.
Tiago 14:29 23rd April 2014
With 62.000 euros i would pay the rest of my house.... i bought it in a 30 year loan... still got 16 years to pay it
Is less expensive here to buy a house then to rent one. if i buy it, after 30 years is mine, so you only pay it for 30 years, if you rent is for the rest of your life, and the amount you pay each month is a bit lower. i am with a 380 euros a month for an total loan amount of 95.000 euros.
So i cannot afford a A5... i must stay with a Seat Ibiza 1.6 tdi ...
Harrison 15:36 23rd April 2014
It's always wise to buy a house rather than rent if possible, because you know eventually the house will be yours and the money is going somewhere. Rent and it isn't earning you anything. Same here in the UK where most people prefer to buy. But some people don't have that option due to things like bad credit rating or they move a lot due to their jobs.

I know in some countries like France and Italy people used to rent more than buy. Is that still true?

I also couldn't afford such a car.. although I would personally also never buy a brand new car because they lose so much value as soon as you drive it. And a second hand Audi A5 is so much cheaper than a new one in the UK. As an example you could buy your new car with the same spec here in the UK 3-4 years old for about £16K and about 25K on the clock.
Tiago 16:03 23rd April 2014
In Portugal people try to buy houses, not rent, but as you said, most people can't afford it. the effort rate (what you earn vs what you would pay for the loan) is to high simply because salaries are very low compared to rest of Europe. I was able to buy because i have a "not so bad salary" and my house was 95.000 (1 living room+1 bedroom+1 kitchen+1 bathroom) if i would go for one more room prices would go to 120.000, and that's for a 2nd hand house, a brand new could easily go to 160k/180k. I am at 30km from Lisbon.
My idea is that a lot of countries go for rent because is cheaper then buying. Not the case here.
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