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Thread: Will get another new car
Kin Hell 13:11 24th October 2015
Harrison 09:33 25th October 2015
I do like the A7. The RS7 even more. Although the 5 door A5 sportback is also nice.

Personally I still want an A6 3.0 TDI, or the bi - turbo. Ultimate car would be the RS6, but not practical running costs for the distances I travel.

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Demon Cleaner 13:13 26th October 2015
Of course I also prefer the RS versions of the cars, but f.ex. the RS7 starting price is 120.000€, perhaps a bit too much The one they borrowed me is 80.000€.

I'm not a big fan of A4 or A6, looks boring to me, perhaps for older people, but they miss the sportiness in my opinion. Too much limousine.
Harrison 15:15 26th October 2015
If I were single I would definitely go for a 5 door coupe like the A5 or A7. However, having a family now, I need an estate car, and the A6 Avant is the one I would pick.. Although my favourite estate is the Mercedes CLS shooting brake. That is beautiful.
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