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Thread: Will get another new car
Ivanhoe 13:34 12th May 2014
@Demon Cleaner
"Money money money, must be funny, in the rich man's world" (ABBA).
C'mon pal, I'm just kidding
tolkien 20:24 12th May 2014
What a great car. My trusty Seat Ibiza is now 14 years old. I would like to buy a new one but thing here are hard.
Congrats mate.
Demon Cleaner 12:40 13th May 2014
Forgot to mention that I also have the Audi Motorsoundsystem built in, sounds very nice!!
Tiago 13:18 13th May 2014
Stop it Demon, like Tolkien i also have an Ibiza.... so stop with that torture. :-)
Demon Cleaner 14:54 13th May 2014
Tiago 15:09 13th May 2014
One day i will go to Luxemburg, then you pick me and my girlfriend and takes us to drink a "Super Bock" !
Demon Cleaner 16:04 13th May 2014
You're welcome to come, we have Super Bock in every bar in my hometown, plus we also have 3-4 Portuguese bars.
Tiago 16:07 13th May 2014
One day we will, we just need to put our lives in the right tracks, things here are not easy. So far we have a job, but is very difficult to put some money in the bank after paying every bills
Kin Hell 07:57 18th May 2014
@ DC

Nice machine matey. Congrats.
Demon Cleaner 06:23 23rd October 2015
I brought my car to the garage for service, and guess what, I got a brand new A7 for 2 days as replacement. Like I said, the A5 is so great to drive, but to be honest, this one is even a step higher, omg, what a smooth drive. And it's just plain beautiful. I told the guy that the A7 might be my next car, and of course they give me then one to test drive, clever guys

I made some pictures:

Integrated spoiler that comes out at certain speed

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