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Thread: Will get another new car
Demon Cleaner 04:11 24th April 2014
Houses or apartments in Luxembourg are very expensive, I bought my house for 450.000€ in 2008, and I sold my 11 year old apartment of 85 square meters for 230.000. I was quite lucky, as I bought the apartment in 1997, and it was 5.350.000 luxembourgish franks, which are 133.750€, so basically in just over 10 years, I got 100.000€ more back than I paid for it, perfect investment. Prices were increasing very fast here, and still are.

You can always check out this site for some information about house or apartment prices in Luxembourg.
Harrison 09:09 24th April 2014
House prices are increasing really fast in the UK too. Buy it depends where in the country you live. In London and the south east prices are increasing much faster than the rest of the country. This is mostly due to the higher paid jobs and number of jobs being greater in these areas.

During the recession most houses lost a lot of value in the UK, with many owners in negative equity due to their house value dropping below the amount they owed on their mortgage. But this has changed in the last couple of years.

Where I live in Chichester, West Sussex, prices have really increased since the recession. In 2006 you could buy a 3 or 4 bedroom house here for about £225-250k, but now a 3 bed is about £260-320k and a 4 bed ranges from £360k right up to £650k. We also have a lot of house in this area way over £1 million. I was looking on rightmove the other day and there are some amazing places near me for sale over £3 million. It is amazing the cost of property.

But as you said, property is the best investment anyone can make. It will always eventually be with more than you paid.

A great example of that is my dad. He purchased a 17 acre woodland in Somerset in the early 90's for £22k as an investment. He sold it after he retired a few years ago for £90k.

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Demon Cleaner 12:37 9th May 2014
Will pick up the car in 1 hour, I'm quite excited
Tiago 14:16 9th May 2014
LOL new toy !!
put some photos here Demon!!
Harrison 15:20 9th May 2014
Nice! Can't wait to see some pictures.

We are currently looking for a new car for me wife. Not new, but nearly new. The one she really wants is a Volvo V60.. they do look amazing. But we can't find any locally and they seem pretty rare with low mileage.

The other car she is mainly considering is a VW Golf TDI Bluemotion Tech Match as their fuel economy is brilliant at about 74MPG! We have worked out she can save £120 a month on fuel with one, which is quite amazing. Plus road tax is only £30 a year, compared to £240 for her current car.
Demon Cleaner 09:30 10th May 2014
I made photos yesterday, and guess what, wanted to post them now, but accidently my copy/paste went wrong, I actually deleted them

I sometimes have that problem, selected 10 pictures, used CTRL to highlight one to delete, but instead deleted the other 9, my bad. The color of the highlighting in Windows Explorer is so very light, that you barely see it sometimes. Happened already to me with more important stuff too, very annoying.

Gonna take some new ones this afternoon, if it's not starting to rain, which it looks like. Otherwise I'm gonna take some like last time, in our garage at work.

- - - Updated - - -

I just recovered them with O&O DiskRecovery.

Number plate are my initials, and I'm born 13th of October, thus 1310.

Harrison 19:45 10th May 2014
That looks amazing mate. White is definitely one of my favourite colours for Audi's. Always loved the look of the A5 and the interior is very similar to the last version of the A6 which I am currently considering myself.

Most importantly, is it great to drive? The 3 litre TDI Quattro is a great engine. I've only test driven an A6 with the same engine and that was brilliant.
Demon Cleaner 20:38 10th May 2014
Driving feels absolutely fantastic! It's so smooth, and the faster you go, the smoother it is.
Tiago 11:00 12th May 2014
uaaauuuuuuuuu so good looking car !!!
Automatic gears? Or can you change to semi-automatic? I guess you don't have clutch. Mas do you have option to go to manual/semi ?
Here do you put gears, do you have those sticks behind the wheel ?
Demon Cleaner 11:07 12th May 2014
It's S-Tronic, meaning you can switch to manual, then you can tip your gear "stick" to change gears, or pedals on the wheel. There's no clutch indeed.
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