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Thread: Ambermoon
Tiago 12:43 8th April 2014
I read in other website, the name Ambermoon, never played before so i gave it a try.

I actually like the game, it looks nice. I am playing it in A1200 with 1230 in HD clean install (not whdload) and it flows very good, i put the textures on the 3d parts, and it looks cool.
A bit strange to navigate in this system (3d) but i am getting used to it. The 2d part is also nice.
Just wish the character could move more smooth in screen (2d parts).
Nice RPG

Anyone played it?
Harrison 14:14 8th April 2014
It's been a very long time since I played Ambermoon. Probably just after it came out. I remember playing a magazine coverdisk demo and being blown away by the 3D city sections, but from what I remember the combat is a bit clumsy and very slow.

After playing games like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder it felt a bit more primitive in places. The free roaming 3D sections were definitely a huge deal at the time, unlike the flip screen 3D view in Dungeon Master style dungeon crawlers, but (for me) the free movement 3D made games at the time harder to control and combat near impossible.
Tiago 17:11 8th April 2014
Yes combat is chess like, but i don't have more characters yet, so i can't see it in full features. But overall looks good.
Phantom 17:26 10th April 2014
Ambermoon, Amberstar are great RPGs and very huge as well.