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Thread: Gotek drive for Amiga
Tiago 18:05 2nd April 2014

Anyone got one of these?
Looks nice, and ebay has them at 25 euros with shipping included. Nice price.
But it needs some sort of flash. The device to flash is a small circuit very similar to a serial modulo for arduino with the 5v/ground/rx/tx pins.
Harrison 21:52 2nd April 2014
I don't own one, but a few members on Amibay have discussed it. Very nice for the price. The original hardware creator is a bit annoyed with people creating their own firmware for it, but it sells more units I would think.

The device was originally developed to replace floppy drives in older music instruments, such as mini keyboards, and others have since taken them with custom firmware for retro systems.

The serial adapter you need to update the firmware is only a couple pounds on eBay, then you can keep updating the beta firmware as new ones come out. I'm very tempted to get one for me A600. Especially as they are much cheaper than a HxC.
Tiago 09:59 3rd April 2014
Yes, that it, i also like the HxC but it's to much money, This Gotek should do the same (for Amiga), i know HxC can bu used for other machines, but may main target is Amiga.

Is there anyone that can sell it with the new firmware already installed?
Harrison 11:46 3rd April 2014
Purchasing a pre-flashed Gotek floppy emulator for the Amiga

A member on Amibay is offering a pre-flashed Gotek sale/service (after I suggested it to him ):

His is showing only the 2 digit version of the device in his pictures. If you are interested in him selling you one it might be worth asking if he can get you a 3 digit version. The difference: The 2 digit Gotek can access and load up to 99 ADF files from a usb stick, whereas a 3 digit Gotek can load up to 999.


If buying yourself

Gotek in grey or white

3 digit grey Gotek emulator now available in a grey colour close to Amiga so it should blend in ok.

Or this white one might look best in an A600/A1200

And the USB flasher you will need:

Or this even cheaper one on Amazon:

I think it's better to do the flashing yourself because the firmware is still beta and constantly being updated, otherwise you will be stuck with an old firmware if you get it pre-flashed.

Amiga firmware site:

And here some info on how to do it:

And the complete thread to read though:
Tiago 14:25 3rd April 2014
woh, nice info Dave, thanks!
Aughie 23:14 11th June 2015

Good video on Gotek ROM flashing
Harrison 00:14 12th June 2015
I've been using a Gotek in my A600 for quite some time now and they are great.

And now you can get official HxC firmware for the Gotek drives which in effect turn them into the same device, allowing them to be cross platform so they will work in Amiga, ST, CPC etc. And the HxC firmware for them is developing well and is now meant to support connecting an external LCD screen to see more information.

The only downside is you have to pay the author of the HxC firmware 10 per device to use it.
Tiago 17:58 16th June 2015
What about speed, does it load the game faster then floppy? I mean if he uses the same cable as floppy, speed is limited by port speed right?
I guess you can speed up reading the files from the source, but passing them to the port should be the same?
Harrison 09:08 17th June 2015
Loads at the same speed as original floppy unfortunately, because to the Amiga it is seeing a real drive and floppy so speed it dictated by the controller.

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Teho 09:59 17th June 2015
I wouldn't want to skip many of the loadingscreens and musics anyway. Part of the charm. But there are of course lots of boring loads I'd be fine with skipping too.