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Thread: Armiga Project A500 in a box.
Buleste 13:42 31st March 2014
A new ARM based project to essentially have an A500 in a floppy drive with USB HDMI etc.
Tiago 14:33 31st March 2014
I do respect the work, but... this is emulation. Ok it reads floppys but the rest is emulation.

They say:
"...The idea Wouldn't it be great to be able to use all those Amiga disks again? Maybe the original Amiga is a bit big and video quality not so good... "

the original Amiga is a bit big ????????? My Miggy 600 just have the perfect size! And i do have A500/A1200 and 4000 with other sizes...
What an argument...

"and video quality not so good" ??? what? with a good cable yes it is! what do you want HDMI with gold connectors?

I do respect new projects, but
Harrison 15:54 31st March 2014
Once you add a keyboard it wouldn't really be any smaller, would it? Plus as Tiago mentions it is emulating the Amiga, not a full Amiga replacement like the Minimig, so it would still suffer the same compatibility issues as existing emulation and not be that great at scrolling compared to the real thing... plus multiscreen multitasking wouldn't be as the original either.
Tiago 17:00 31st March 2014
With a Keyboard, it would take more space then an A600 ....

It's not the project, i like to see them, it's just the arguments they use...
"...Maybe the original Amiga is a bit big and video quality not so good... " this is totally stupid