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Thread: My A4000 with Zip drive
Tiago 21:39 28th February 2014
My Amiga 4000 with an internal zip drive . I filmed this some time ago but i only now i uploaded.

Harrison 23:17 28th February 2014
I had a zip drive hooked up to my A4000. It was a really useful device back in the day. Especially as you can read and write Amiga, PC and Mac formatted discs. Was really good when I was at university in the late 90s.

Mine was a SCSI zip drive though, connected externally via a GVP SCSI Zorro card. Useful as I could swap it over to a PC or Mac quickly.

I also think the SCSI ZIP was faster than the others, but not much more than the ide version. Have you ever used a parallel port zip drive? That was painful to use.

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