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Thread: Win 8.x questions
Tiago 11:59 28th January 2014
Well i disable the logon screen, and change the boot so he goes strait to desktop to avoid that titles screen.

I don't have yet a start button, but i have one that with right click i can manage the main options. But to start a program, if i don't have an icon on desktop i have to go to tittles screen ... What i start to do is go to title screen, pick the application i want, right click it should to open the directory where it is, and then make a "send to desktop".
Harrison 12:34 28th January 2014
Just install Start8 mate, so much easier as you don't even need to see the tiled metro start screen ever again if you don't wish to.
Tiago 13:32 28th January 2014
I will try it !
J T 01:43 3rd February 2014
You know what, over the past 7 years or so of using Macs at work they have really grown on me.

I'm tempted to get one for Lady T.
Harrison 01:52 3rd February 2014
Macs are fine as a general generic home computer, for the internet, some email, word processing etc, but they are still just overpriced PCs with a custom OS.

The new Mac Pro is cool though, and amazingly small... but again really expensive for the spec.
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