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Thread: Putty Squad
Yanni Oblivion 17:48 25th December 2013
I'm just going to leave this link here...

Kin Hell 07:53 26th December 2013
Same to you. Hope you have a great time.
Harrison 21:09 26th December 2013
It is brilliant that this game has finally been released into the Amiga community. And a great Christmas present for the fans.

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Vangar 11:30 27th December 2013
Aww I came here to post this but it's not surprising its already here! I shall give this a spin when i get time, the graphics look really smooth even for today's standards.
Phantom 12:07 28th December 2013
Great news really. Time to play that Putty Squad game.
zapiy 21:31 6th January 2014
This was awesome news when i first heard it... great game.