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Poll: Buying a PS4 or Xbox One?
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Buying a PS4 or Xbox One?
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    Thread: Who has preordered or is about to buy a PS4 or Xbox One
    Harrison 15:00 19th November 2013
    With the PS4 now released has anyone purchased one already?

    And have you preordered an Xbox One or intend buying on soon?

    Personally I'm not so interested quite yet with these 2 new systems. I'm going to wait and see what happens and will probably buy them at some point next year, maybe in the summer once there are a few games available to play though, and also to make sure the initial teething issues are resolved; we have already seen a few owners of the new PS4 having video/audio issues (but only effecting 0.4% of buyers apparently).
    Tiago 17:06 19th November 2013
    You already point it.
    To soon to buy it. I will wait to see more games, more features.
    And i am very curious to see what the pirate genius will do. I wonder how many time to break it...
    Demon Cleaner 03:50 20th November 2013
    Same here, and anyway, it's not out in Europe yet.

    I'm probably gonna do the same like with the "last" generation, gonna buy PS4 first, and perhaps at a later point also an XBox One. A friend here at work pre-ordered both consoles, which I think is a bit crazy, but he's quite into gaming. He already even sold his PS3, to have enough cash ready. For me it's not a cash problem, but I also think you should wait a bit, although sometimes it just overcomes me, and I go to the shop and just buy it. I also doubt that here in Luxembourg the consoles will be sold out straight away in the shops.

    Might get it for Christmas, my girlfriend has a new job since 2 months at a Scandinavian bank (Nordea), so she started to work full days instead of only 20 hours a week, and she now makes over the double what she made before. Good for me She already asked which one of the 2 consoles I would usually buy, is that a sign?
    Tiago 08:16 20th November 2013
    Originally Posted by :
    Good for me She already asked which one of the 2 consoles I would usually buy, is that a sign?
    Yes ! It is !!
    Harrison 09:54 20th November 2013
    Lucy boy... a girlfriend with cash to spend and an interest in gaming.

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    Demon Cleaner 10:59 20th November 2013
    It's not that she has any interest in gaming! But you should buy your partner something HE actually likes
    Kin Hell 12:13 20th November 2013
    Not interested in either tbh.
    Teho 17:47 20th November 2013
    So I'm the only bandwagon-jumper here? I have a PS4 on pre-order so checked the allready purchased one option. I was going to get one of them either way. Went with the PS4 because, heh, Microsoft. They really put their foot in it this time around.

    I've ended up always getting Sonys consoles because of platform familiarity, but I've realised long ago that this generation, for a guy that only gets one of the consoles the 360 was a better platform than the PS3. At least until PS+ came around which is a great deal. If I'd known what I know today I'd probably have chosen differently. So this time around I was open to both options, watched both reveals and E3 conferences and, heh, Microsoft.

    I'm getting a PS4.
    zapiy 21:15 20th November 2013
    I aim to get a PS4 soon as i have the funds.. what with a new kitchen and xmas with 3 kids.. can not justify the costs.
    Phantom 23:29 20th November 2013
    Funds isn't the problem, but I will wait. I'm still ok with PS3.
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