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Thread: Any Amiga Homebrew in the pipeline?
zapiy 19:13 3rd November 2013
I love the HB scene and wondered if anyone knew of any HB inbound for the Amiga?
Harrison 14:59 5th November 2013
Hi, There have been quite a few homebrew/scene releases recently.

The most recent I know of was a port of Solomon's Key. Originally an arcade game, and later released on the Atari ST, this is AFAIK a port of the ST version.

This can be downloaded from, and you can see a list of all the other recent releases within the scene there too.
zapiy 21:33 5th November 2013
Wow, thats a great resource fella..

Thanks for that..
Harrison 21:37 5th November 2013
Yeah, is a brilliant resource for the demoscene and related scene releases.
zapiy 21:40 5th November 2013
First time i have came across it thats for sure, so many sites like these are tucked away in the corners of the net and a mare to find unless info like yours in shared..

I find it hard to get Homebrew news in general so this will help no end.
Harrison 23:29 5th November 2013
Also take a look at:


And also:

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zapiy 17:46 18th November 2013
Brilliant stuff fella.