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Thread: GTA V anyone?
Demon Cleaner 07:32 17th September 2013
I'm quite surpised that there's no thread here yet about GTA V, with all that hype. I'm really looking forward to the game, because I always liked them, finished GTA IV some time ago only, and I'm eager to see what the new one looks like.

From all the reviews I've seen yesterday, it must be THE game of this generation consoles, contentwise, visually and gameplaywise. The map is apparently bigger than those from GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption combined, which tells a lot.

The game is also the second most expensive thing ever done in entertainment, Pirates of the Carribean 3 being the most expensive, with a budget of 300.000.000$, GTA V being at 266.000.000$. Wow!

I made a good deal on the game, I bought it for the 360, although I could download it for the PS3, but I would like to enjoy perhaps a bit the online part of the game, thus buying it. When I pre-ordered it, the price was 37.95, when it was in dispatch yesterday, it was at 33.50, and when I got the mail that it was shipped, yesterday evening at 19:20, I finally got it for 29.15 (35), quite good price. I can see now, that the 360 version is at 55.99 at the moment, although Amazon Germany still has it in stock for 50.

I also ordered the strategy guide, the limited hard cover edition, I guess I might use it a lot, as, like mentioned before, there's so much content, you might wanna peek from time to time. The guide has 448 pages.

So is anyone else interested, or do we have some of the GTA haters here?
Tiago 12:46 17th September 2013
Not yet, but i will get it
Phantom 16:17 17th September 2013
Me too, absolutely.
Sharingan 20:17 17th September 2013
Interested, but not buying it until the price drops a bit. Still got a huge backlog of games to complete (including GTA IV), and with the PS4 right around the corner...

Frankly, I'm more interested in the wild west setting la Red Dead Redemption.
Phantom 22:24 17th September 2013
It seems that their next game will be Agent, although I was expecting RDR 2 too, it was really brilliant game. I don't lose my hopes though...
Harrison 10:02 18th September 2013
I hear you can have sex with women in this game. I expect this will be the first time for many queuing up for the game!

I've played all of the previous GTA games and enjoyed them, but I did get a bit bored with IV. I will play it eventually once it's available on offer under 10 but I can wait. I'm waiting for IMO some much more interesting games to be released, such as X rebirth.

I've also got loads of games still to play, and many I'm part way through.

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Demon Cleaner 11:13 18th September 2013
I just got it now, took the day off, gonna start playing it soon.
Sharingan 19:39 18th September 2013
Tell us what you think

Apparently, the game made 800 million dollars in just 24 hours... that's already more than three times the production and marketing costs. Insane.

I suppose that's enough money to start working on RDR2. Get to it, Rockstar!
Harrison 23:07 18th September 2013
So much for all those people saying video games were dying!

RDR2 would be great. Loved the first one.
Demon Cleaner 04:32 19th September 2013
Loved RDR too, and I actually also finished it.

GTA V is great so far, I did some missions, and then I was fooling around a bit. Went to a fair on the shore, took big wheel and rollercoaster, stole a Porsche, drove far north, took a cable car to the highest mountain, came down with the bike, fell and was wasted, out of hospital I jumped on a train, traveling through the landscape for about 15 minutes with nice views, tunnels and bridges and eventually ended up in a "redneck" like town, stole a car, drove to a lake, stole a boat, cruised around to the shore, stole a beetle buggy, jumped some hills, found a little airport, was happy, didn't find any planes though, got a camping car, tried to enter the prison, didn't work, tried with force, got busted, drove back to the city, took an eternity, went to a strip club, managed to get lap dance with 2 girls, almost completely intimidated both of them, wanted sex, let down my guard for 1 second, was caught groping, got kicked out, tried to enter again, wasn't allowed, 3 bouncers attacked me, bad idea (for them), kicked their asses, police came, got busted again.

Believe me, it's huge, and also beautiful, and you really get the impression to be in a real world, that's amazing. Landscape is so vast and changes all the time depending on where you go. I wonder how much there really is that you can do, seems endless. With all this different landscapes, you don't need any other racing game anymore, just get a car you want, and drive it around, it's so much fun.
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