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Thread: GTA V anyone?
Demon Cleaner 11:44 30th September 2013
Does the multiplayer start tomorrow?

I think I need a golden membership or what is it called, don't have that. I noticed when I try to save pictures that I took with the phone camera, it tells me that I don't have an account to save to.
Harrison 14:27 30th September 2013
Yeah, you need an Xbox live! Gold account to play anything multiplayer on the 360. I think it's currently 39.99 per year.
Tiago 13:42 11th October 2013
Vehicles so far that i was able to interact:

car (lots of them)
Helicopter dual rotor
boats (lots of them)

i am sure i forgot something, i can't remember every one.
Harrison 15:48 11th October 2013
I don't think it's going to be long until the PC release, so I can join in. I've been so tempted to get the game for PS3 or 360 but the low framerate, buffering and running issues on 360, and some slowdown has convinced me to wait and run it at 60fps on the PC and it should look a lot better on the newer hardware too. Can't wait after all the talk and discussions about the game, its characters and missions.
Tiago 13:14 16th October 2013
I finished it last last Monday, i must sat, the level of detail is superb, unbelievable. Best game ever regarding graphics in exterior. Inside buildings is not the best there is, but the outside is much better then anything i ever saw. The drawing distance is just amazing, insane!
And the views from the Helicopter are almost real.
You can drive the full island without a single stop for loading graphics. It's so well done, that you stop to think that PS3 didn't reach his best.
they are launching the PS4 without PS3 getting full potential. This game is a proof of that.
Demon Cleaner 17:05 16th October 2013
You finished it!! I didn't play for over one week now, starting playing FIFA 14 for one week.

Is it difficult to finish? Is there any super tough mission?
Tiago 17:19 16th October 2013
Nope, i didn't find it difficult, but i prepared the last missions quite good.
i got good cars for the escape, put all kind of upgrades on it, then leave them on the escape area.
Also went to gun store, and buy all kind of guns, a lot o ammo, and bullet proof jackets.
I finish the main plot, in the side quests i already have a lot of stuff to do.
But i had to change game, i am now with Beyond Two Souls, i have a on-line magazine, so i am getting all kind of games from the media for free.
Beyond Two Souls came with a nice book full of pictures and the full game in last page. We also got Last of us, Last week the NBA 2k14 and tomorrow i think i will get Fifa 14... life is good

My magazine is just an hobby, but everytime i want to play a game, i just say to my girlfrien, "babe i have to work, it's a review, i must play"... thinks we do to be able to play games....
Demon Cleaner 19:20 16th October 2013
Originally Posted by Tiago:
My magazine is just an hobby, but everytime i want to play a game, i just say to my girlfrien, "babe i have to work, it's a review, i must play"...
That's quite cool!!

I also have Beyond Two Souls, and I planned to play it together with my girlfriend, as she loved Heavy Rain, although she wasn't playing herself, but she was sitting next to me throughout the whole game, desperately holding her thumbs and yelling at me to do the movements correctly, that was quite funny to see But she also really enjoyed the game because of the decision making, and the end was quite great.

I don't know about Beyond Two Souls yet, seems to get some mixed reviews, IGN gave it a 6/10, on the other hand Gamespot gave it a 9/10. So let me know what you think.
Tiago 12:19 17th October 2013
The first 20 minutes of Beyond was not that good,
Heavy Rain was more an interactive movie, and this is more a interactive game. I guess the story will get stronger, but so far i didn't find as good as heavy rain. but it's to soon to say.
Harrison 14:26 17th October 2013
But you mean just the main story of GTA V right? There are tons of side quest and collectable things to do. Have you collected any of the space ship parts yet?
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