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Thread: GTA V anyone?
Kin Hell 08:46 27th September 2013
Originally Posted by Phantom:
Can anyone tell its retail price for the PS3 in his country? I doubt that prices are fixed by Sony (whatever they say). Here GTA V costs a mere € 69.90 (well, on PSN has the same price actually)!
From here in the UK I can see as low as 33 on eBay, whilst mainly in the USA, though more competitive companies like Play dot com are a bit higher @ 48.00, which is about 57 Euro.
Teho 10:29 27th September 2013
The cheapest site I see which is where I usually order from these days has it for just over 60. (488kr = 60.46) That's, which serves all the nordic countries. And they never charge for shipping so that's the actual amount paid too. The highest prices I see here are in retail shops, close to 75 in those places. (599kr = 74.21)
Demon Cleaner 11:29 27th September 2013
Actually the worst place to buy games is in Scandinavia
Shoonay 13:22 27th September 2013
Can't wait for the Steam release of GTA5, cause when it comes to Steam, the best place to buy games is Ukraine - sometimes the prices are 50% off at the day of release, and imagine how much less you could pay if there's already a deal on it on Steam. Second best is Brazil, around 30-40% off.
Of course some games are region locked, for example with ARMA 3 you have to activate it on Steam using VPN but after that all should work without any problems. Well worth it since the VPN versions ~60pln and "normal" ~120pln.
Harrison 14:23 27th September 2013
How do you buy games from Steam in a different region/country? I've only ever used the Steam client on both PC and Android (not even the website version). Can you just go to each countries separate Steam site and purchase?

The only exception is key selling sites such as (recommended) whom sometimes offer other region keys and give VPN or other instructions on how to activate them in your own region. One such game for me was a Russian key, and in the instructions they provided the English download patch which turned the game completely into the English version.
Shoonay 14:56 27th September 2013
You can't do it on yourself, not legally at least

Switching to a different region is easy, just type in your browser: where ## is the region code, eu = Europe; br = Brazil; ru=Russia and etc.
But you can only see the prizes that way I think, it will check your IP. Heard you can buy using VPN or TOR but you know, it's not very legal and Steam might ask you for why your location changed or something...

The perfectly legal way is to find someone or a shop that sells Steam games as codes or even better - gifts.
Heard people got together on different forums and one person bought something on Steam for them, and the other person bought the game in their region and gifted it. Steam has a great system for trading, you can see what the seller gave you and until both sides don't approve it nobody gets their item.

As for myself, I'm simply using - seen one guy from Ukraine that sells super-cheap games as gifts so they're 100% legit, but others have good deals too, even as keys.
Teho 15:37 27th September 2013
Steam is great for sales only as far as I'm concerned. When there are sales you can make some insane deals. But full price? Heck retail copies are cheaper than the full price on Steam! Which is why I still buy many physical copies of PC games. 99% of the time you can just enter the key into Steam and activate it there anyways. Mad.

In fact, that is how several PC games I've bought physically lately works. It's just a Steam installer, the game files and a key. You can't install it without Steam anyways. Which brings up another problem, my physical copies are worthless to sell because the key has been used. Not that I sell my games, but remember the debacle when the Xbox One originally wouldn't allow you to sell your physical games? That's been here a while already with a lot of PC games, but I hear no complaining. Strange, isn't it?
Shoonay 15:45 27th September 2013
Originally Posted by Teho:
Heck retail copies are cheaper than the full price on Steam!
They are? Not that I bought many games at the day of release, but for example Mortal Kombat Komplete and Call of Juarez Gunslinger digital were cheaper here or around the same prize.

Dunno, might be a region thing, piracy is still pretty big here and the sellers know it, that's why they buy less physical copies, meaning they have to pay more for them, so they're selling it for more to get some profit.
Kin Hell 16:12 27th September 2013
Harrison 16:48 27th September 2013
It was definitely like that in the early days Kin, but times have changed for the better.

@Teho. Indeed. Pretty much all games, even retail copies require some form of online service. If it isn't Steam, then its Origin or UPlay. Both horrible compared to Steam.

And indeed, PC users have been using Steam for years to buy and run their games, and they haven't complained about not being able to transfer the keys to others. I read a quote yesterday that it is now estimated that over 70% of all PC game sales are now through Steam! Definitely seems to have become the standard gaming platform for the PC, which is probably the reason for them creating the upcoming SteamOS and the SteamBox.

I think the big different is that many PC games tend to buy and keep their games, whereas console games have a fast turnover with gamers wanting to get rid of them as soon as they are completed. Although if you by from PSN you can't transfer them can you? I forget.
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