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Thread: GTA V anyone?
Tiago 17:49 24th September 2013
I have it since Saturday....... OMG what a f..... game !! Forget everything you ever saw as an open world, this one just blow everything.
Detail is super superb !! Every building is different, they must had a lot of work creating this island, i test to go around a single house just to look at it with attention, man, it's insane, they are very well made, even the back streets are full of detail, paintings, garbage everything looks real.
Lights are fantastic. The game at night looks a real night drawing distance is amazing reflections of light are superb, car lights, oh boy... you must see this.
I spent the first hour just driving by... more then 30 minutes to drive around the island and more 30 minutes in down town. Man, it's so good.
Combat looks ok, driving is better, look more realistic, having 3 main characters gives you a much better complex story line, and so one....
Harrison 00:51 25th September 2013
What platform did you get it on?

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Demon Cleaner 06:36 25th September 2013
Played a few missions yesterday, made my first heist, which was quite cool, I chose the smart way to do it (you can chose between smart and loud, where the loud way is quite obvious, just run in, and gun everybody down), and finally I met, and play, with Trevor now, this sick bastard.

The heist was quite done well, you first had to get some stuff from different places, to setup the heist, then chose between a crew, bad, average or good guys, the cut of the money for the good ones is quite higher, but they are more reliable, and of course won't fail so fast. F.ex. the security alarm hacking guy can keep the alarm longer from going off, thus giving you more time to steal more, but his cut is then also at 15%.
Harrison 09:09 25th September 2013
How involved is a heist? Do you just run around collecting stuff until you run out of time, our is it more tactical than that?

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Demon Cleaner 09:46 25th September 2013
Originally Posted by Harrison:
How involved is a heist? Do you just run around collecting stuff until you run out of time, our is it more tactical than that?
Basically the one I did now was exactly that, I had approx. 1 minute to break as many glass and steal jewelry as possible, when time ran out, you had to leave/escape. So in the end I gathered 3.900.000$, if I'm faster or happen to have more time, I can gather even more, because I missed 2 out of 20, which also didn't reward me the gold medal (for that mission).

After the money is then split to the crew you hired, your main character(s) share the rest, and you can keep it.

But like I mentioned before, the whole heist is planned from the beginning. As I chose the smart way to make the robbery, the shop would be entered as a pest control disguised crew. I had to drive to the company's depot and steal one of their vans and uniforms. And as some knock-out gas was used, I had to steal it from a truck, driving around in the city, to obtain some gas grenades. Then I needed to hire my crew from some guys that were available, one hacker, one gun expert, one driver. Then we drove to the shop, one climb up the roof, and I had to toss the gas grenade into the air ducting system, to cause the people inside to faint. Then the shop was entered, and I had little time opening/destroying all the vitrines containing the jewelry. Time was over, had to run out and escape with a bike, then truck, and go to the meeting point. One guy even died during the police pursuit, and I didn't get "points" for it, as I let him die. But I managed to pick up his bag of jewelry he had from the robbery, so at least I still got the money.
Shoonay 10:42 25th September 2013
Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
and finally I met, and play, with Trevor now, this sick bastard.
Haha, I like how it sounds you're proud to know him, he's one character that has been masterfully developed. Well, most characters are. Franklin is your typical "nigga from the hood", and as much as I hated that looser CJ from San Andreas that I didn't even play the game for more than 5 minutes, I enjoyed watching this guy's story too.
Michael has some over the top missions with his family matters too.

Can't wait for the PC release, up to now I watched a few let's plays on youtube and I freaking love them and don't want to spoil anything for myself, but can't stop watching...
I've lost the interest in GTA after the 3rd one, it looked and felt all the same all the time for me, enjoyed a bit of Prototype, loved how you can use super-powers and from than most sandboxes looked just plain simple, but GTA5... GTA5 is one hell of a game that'll make me comeback to sandboxes.
Phantom 18:42 25th September 2013
Can anyone tell its retail price for the PS3 in his country? I doubt that prices are fixed by Sony (whatever they say). Here GTA V costs a mere € 69.90 (well, on PSN has the same price actually)!
Shoonay 19:14 25th September 2013
Around 130-170 zloty for digital, 190-240 zloty for disc, on

Although I've no idea if the game is region or language locked, most of them state they are the PL version.
Demon Cleaner 04:44 26th September 2013
The cheapest imo is most of the time on, at the moment it's at 41.79, which is 49.70. It will be there in stock again by Saturday. Here in the shops it's also between 60-70, which is I think the normal price.
Tiago 18:35 26th September 2013
Harrison, i have the PS3 version, and i will now receive the Xbox version to make a review for my magazine.
I also did the smart way in the robbery. I also have now control of trevor... this guy is crazy.
so far so good, the game is really great.
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