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Thread: WinUAE 2.7.0 Betas
Demon Cleaner 05:01 21st November 2013
Beta 14:

Originally Posted by :
- GUI didnīt work in fullscreen modes.
- Input panel lost all keyboard events (not even Test button accepted any key presses) in some situations, already non-working config files canīt be fixed. Older bug.
- New frames interlace mode (without blacklines) now only redraws changed lines.
- 68040 without FPU: unimplemented FPU exception used wrong exception vector.
- 68020+ DIVL div-by-zero exception in cycle-exact mode didnīt skip prefetch phase.
- Do not set lightpen triggered state when BPLCON0 lightpen bit is set unless lightpen is also configured in gameports or input panel.
- Fixed crash if disabled keyboard had (old) gameport mappings.
- Autoscale size change comparison used wrong value (width, not height) causing slow down, forced config change check every frame.
- Added configurable directory filesystem file/directory name length limit, currently config file only, filesys_max_name_length=x, files and dirs with longer names are not seen in Amiga-side (directory operations only)
- Really fixed sound sync timing issue, partly introduced in b1 and b13.

Demon Cleaner 12:05 25th November 2013
Beta 15:

Originally Posted by :
- Removing directory harddrives on the fly crashed in some situations.
- Interlace with black lines ("fields+") didnīt always work correctly.
- Only allow GUI mininize button if emulation has not yet been started, minimizing GUI when emulation window is open only causes problems..
- Copper debugger (od) shows when blit waiting WAIT ends and also stores copper instruction words when copper fetched them, shows ī!ī if words have changed since copper fetched them. (Previously it was possible to see copper list in state that makes no sense if program modified it after copper executed it)
- Add 16M to Z3 start address if Processor slot RAM is set to 128M, prevents KS RAM detection to confuse Z3 board as being part of Processor Slot RAM.
- Cirrus Logic graphics board enabled but inactive and refresh set to Chipset slowed down emulation.
- Sprite stuck in non-DMA mode was not correctly restored from statefile. (Has never worked previously)
- Adjusted programmed refresh rate blanking start and end position calculations.

Demon Cleaner 13:21 1st December 2013
Beta 16: (RC1. Next week.)

Originally Posted by :
- Z3 RTG base address was not adjusted if Processor Slot RAM was 128M.
- Writing to high BPL pointer when next cycle does same bitplane number DMA fetch: old address is used for fetch. (Powertrax / The Light Circle graphics glitch)
- Added workaround for Windows 8.1 bug, after SetCursorPos() call WM_MOUSEMOVE returns new coordinate as expected, then comes single message with old coordinate (this shouldnīt happen) before it works correctly again. This fixes "Windows mouse" jumping ~50 pixels while moving the mouse. Rawinput HID mouse is not affected by this bug. (No, KB2908279 does not fix it, I guess working fix will be released someday)
- "Install mouse driver" + RTG mode has been unusable since 2600b1.
- Re-enabled "CIA TOD bug" by default but only in A500-like modes.
- Built-in HRTMon updated to 2.35
- Built-in AROS ROM updated. Added memory hack, bootup structures are allocated from hidden memory pool (located at 0xa80000-0xb80000, automatically enabled if built-in AROS rom is in use), when AROS starts booting from disk or HD, hidden pool is marked as full and all following allocations come from normal RAM. Now even 512k chip only config will boot and work with AROS rom replacement. Hack only used if CPU has 24-bit address bus. (68000/68010/68EC020).

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