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Thread: Your thoughts on Shadoworlds
Ghost 16:23 8th June 2013
Hello Dave (and others if they happen to read this),

I would like to add another game to my Amiga collection and I have been looking at a variety of games such as Shadow of the Beast 3 which setting I still find very intriguing, several Cinemaware games such as Rocket Ranger, Defender of the Crown, Lords of the Rising Sun, Bermuda Project (well the premise sounds good though the game looks rather average), and Shadoworlds which has caught my interest because it is a sci-fi RPG and I am a very big sci-fi fan.

Unfortunate my budget is a bit limited on the moment and I can only afford Shadoworlds.
I have given this game a try as an abandonware site had it complete pre installed in Dosbox, the interface though is a little clunky and one of my characters died not because the game was hard but because I could not find out how to make him/her fight back.

Still regarding old school gaming it looks very nice and for that reason I might still pick it up.
I would like to know what other people think of it though as it may help me make my decision on purchasing it or not.
Ghost 16:42 13th June 2013
Could anyone here give a response please?
Harrison 19:05 13th June 2013
Why not emulate all the games you are interested in? To see if you like them. Then buy the ones you do.

As for Shadoworlds, it is a very nice game. One of the first to utilise Light and Dark to create atmosphere and to reveal and hide areas. It was actually an indirect sequel to ShadowLands. Similar control system, but using torches and magic to light areas. Set in a medieval fantasy setting.

I've still got the original big boxed versions of both these games in mint condition.
Ghost 23:19 13th June 2013
Well that is the thing Dave, I did try the game but not very long though and I did not get far.

I guess I am more curious if it has any collection value (not that I think it would ever become worth a capital or something), something worth picking up.
Harrison 23:30 13th June 2013
Hardly any Amiga games could be considered a collecting investment. People don't really collect Amiga games for that reason. Moonstone is about the only game you could consider collectable in that sense.
Ghost 23:47 13th June 2013
That is true Dave. There aren't really so much games that have true collector's value.
I probably did not 'worded' this as well as I had wanted to.

I better follow your advice and play the game for a couple of hours and then try to make up my decision.
Harrison 01:56 14th June 2013
I think the problem is that you are looking for games you never played, whereas most retro fans collect games they originally played when they first came out. For those of us it is the memories of playing them as a new release, with their innovation, that holds so much nostalgia.
Ghost 00:15 15th June 2013
Got a point there as well, but it does make me a bit depressed because it would mean I should stop wasting money on purchasing games I think look nice for the time they were released but I otherwise have no connection with.
Harrison 08:11 15th June 2013
Not really. I'm just saying your perception of these games will be very different to others. I for example like to collect every star wars and star trek game ever released, regardless of how bad they were.

With collecting, it doesn't matter what you collect. If you get a buzz from it and find it enjoyable, then collect it.

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Ghost 17:25 15th June 2013
The Star Trek games were easier for me as I have played most of them back in the day, waiting for them like you waited for certain Amiga games to come out.

Perhaps I rather should focus on games for now I have played on the Amiga emulator that I enjoyed.
A copy of Shadow of the Beast 3 for example.
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