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Thread: A500+ power no video output
retrojunkie 15:51 27th May 2013
Hi Guys, I just dusted my old 500+ out of the loft and have a problem. No video output. I have power and disk light on constantly, caps lock light goes on and off when I press it. I have tried an old-school monitor as well as an lCD telly with no luck. could you point me in the right direction please. sorry for lack of info but im a noob in the Amiga scene.

thanks in advanced.
Stephen Coates 11:47 18th July 2013
Just wondering, did you try both the RGB output and the mono output, or just one?
Aughie 23:45 11th June 2015
500 pluses have an oldsyle backup battery inside and if unattended for a long time this leaks acid with some very nasty consequences for the miggy.

This guy is videoed fixing this. The 500plus in question woud only output a green screen nothing else.

Harrison 00:17 12th June 2015
It is surprising what some people in the community can do with damaged motherboards. The A4000 has a similar battery and leaking is a very common issue with them, causing widespread corrosion, track damage and even damaging the SIMM sockets. All can be repaired by someone in the know. Quite amazing what they can do. Way beyond my simple soldering skills.
Kin Hell 07:53 12th June 2015
Eeeeek! - Utter carnage......

But as H says, probably quite repairable in the right hands.