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Thread: Gamecube modding
Kin Hell 05:17 21st May 2013
Just wanted to pass on my experiences with Ritek dye disks back in the day of DVD's. Sure, they worked great when they were new, but so many of mine deteriorated with time. I used them mainly for backing up movies & these disks were the mutts nuts for video in their day. Sounds a bit of a wild statement but some disks start to play okay & then break up & finally freeze. That's on a Denon 1942 player that use to play them fine. shove the same Ritek disks into a PC & they are fine. I'd say I have about a 75% fail rate on the DVD player now & I even had the Denon serviced to take the laser out of the equation. Kodak GOLD were simply stunning in their day too though these days, I use Verbatim branded for single sided & Aone for dual sided.

The amazing thing about this anomaly for me is that Ritek dye media has failed where Amiga Floppys are still banging away.
Harrison 11:44 21st May 2013
YEP, I also only use Verbatim AZO media for a long time now too. I use their DL discs too. Just make sure the batches you buy are not manufactured in India because they have much higher failure rates due to poor manufacturing where the bonding between the dye and polycarbonate layers is weak and causes coaster or read errors. Discs manufactured in Japan are best, but Singapore is also good.

And the reasons your old Ritek dye disks are failing is exactly for the reasons I said before. They are organic dye and will break down over time, and this is accelerated by exposure to light.

There really is no 100% safe archival media yet. You would think in this day and age someone would have created something that is robust enough to store digital data without any chance of corruption or read errors.
Buleste 08:43 22nd May 2013
I haven't got a clue what dye they use in imation disks but I bought another 10 yesterday to see if the first lot was a freak and every single one of them work perfectly on my Gamecube set with the laser set at 250 ohms which is good as somepeople have to go as low as 80 Ohms to get theirs to read disks which shortens the lifespan of the laser.
Harrison 09:39 22nd May 2013
If you have Nero installed you can check what the actual dye make is by using the Infotool. Would be interested to know what they are using.
Buleste 08:26 23rd May 2013
I'm using ImgBurn.
Harrison 13:37 23rd May 2013
You can also use this free tool:
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