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Thread: Harrison's old A4KD has a new home @ Kin's pad
Kin Hell 10:31 2nd May 2013
Some time ago, Harrison offered me his A4KD and with life's usual business, things got in the way for some time. Anyway, we agreed a price based on some repair work needing doing to her. Today, the motherboard & A3640 should be arriving at AmigaKit for Chris (FOL) to weild his Gas Axe at and re-cap the two items. We're also hoofing a coin battery mount in there too. However, it would appear the caps around the sound area have leaked considerably, so I have asked for particular attention to be paid in this area. I'm hoping she will clean up fine.

I'll drop some pics in here in the coming days as a bit of a pictorial guide if nothing else.

Thanks Dave & Good Luck Chris.
mfilos 13:56 2nd May 2013

Gief some pr0n pics once you have them.
Harrison 15:34 2nd May 2013
Can't wait to see the work carried out on her. It is great to know she is being cared for and lovely restored to (better than new) condition.
DonAmiga 20:17 2nd May 2013
Great Stuff its great that Amigakit offer this service
Kin Hell 12:00 3rd May 2013
Ok chaps. Chris Emailed me yesterday to say he had received the package & would be looking at it shortly. As soon As I hear any more, I'll be updating in here accordingly. Here are the pics so far:






Overall look of the board is pretty good tbh, but upon closer inspection, you can see Cap leakage by the RTC chip.


However, this is my area of concern......

Hopefully, Chris can spin his magic and put some more magic smoke back into her. The board is fully functional as it is & installed OS3.9 prior to the strip for shipping.


....and finally good old faithful above gets a set of New Caps. Chris is using his discretion RE reversal of the caps as per Anthony Hoffmans fix

Fingers crossed......
Harrison 02:16 4th May 2013
Great to see close ups if it out of the case. I never stripped it right down.

Would you mind me asking how much he is charging for the work?
Kin Hell 10:48 4th May 2013
I don't mind you asking at all Dave, but I don't know yet.

Rather than dick around on AmigaKits site trying to purchase Cap Replacements etc, Chris said just send it in & we can Invoice you the total amount. I believe Chris is Photo'ing the event at his end too, so I best send him this link.
FOL 21:00 7th May 2013
I have updated a ticket on our support system, you need to login and go to support.

Basically, your audio section has sustained alot of cap leakage, worst I have seen, its actually leaked over the Paula chip (never seen that before).
I have taken some Hi-Res pics, of all damage. There is cap leakage everywhere, frankly, Im suprised the board even works.

I could only find a fault on the sound, one channel low and other in-audible. This is to be expected due to damage to post AMP IC.
Harrison 01:44 8th May 2013
Oh dear. Hope it can be fixed. Feel a bit bad now selling it to you with that problem. But as said, it was working ok, so I had no idea anything was wrong. Just shows that our beloved Amiga's and other retro systems won't live forever without some occasional tlc.

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Kin Hell 12:27 8th May 2013
Thanks for the feedback FOL.

Chris uploaded some pics to me earlier this morning. They are taken with his Retina iPad. Click below pics for larger images.

The damage was more extensive than first thought. Having spoken to Chris on the phone this morning, he hopes to get this sorted in the coming fortnight. I'll update the pics as I get them with his progress. Good Luck Chris.
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