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Thread: Harrison's old A4KD has a new home @ Kin's pad
Harrison 15:26 28th June 2013
Edit video link so it's now embedded in the thread.
Kin Hell 11:31 29th June 2013
carvedeye 00:08 15th July 2013
Wow excellent work chris
Kin Hell 08:51 20th July 2013
I have another dedication to make for this thread. We got serious with the A4KD last week & Arnljot was kind enough to surrender his CSMKII to me. Goodness me at the system speed now.

I'd forgotten just how much quicker the 060 is over an 040 & of course the on-board Ram makes a huge difference too, virtually zer0-ing the memory wait-states that normally happen though the Mobo Ram. She's @ stock 50Mhz for now but Arnljot was kind enough to include faster X-Tals for some overclocking action. As soon as I get chance to play, I'll post some pics.

I am compelled to say yet again, "Thank You Arnljot".
Harrison 13:29 21st July 2013

I always wanted to add an 060 to the A4000, but could never really justify the expense of the upgrade.
Kin Hell 08:50 22nd July 2013
There are several things worth considering buying an 060 card.

1) It's significantly quicker than an 040 in terms of MIPS
2) It's more backward compatible than the 040
3) It's memory is far faster to access than on-board ram.
4) Get an 060 card with SCSI if you can. SCSI rapes IDE but being on the CPU card is faster to access.

When I get chance to play H, I'll pop some pics up, promise.
Andrew1971 16:20 23rd July 2013
Shes coming along nicely now. When do get her back to have a play with
Kin Hell 10:52 17th November 2013
My Clock has disappeared according to SysInfo. The date always goes back to October 14th 2013 for a power off. Tried another battery & no go there.

I'm also getting a Light Green Screen on some three finger salutes, but not every time. Looks like the mobo is going to be having another trip to Cardiff....
Harrison 15:18 17th November 2013
That's annoying. Could be a broken trace somewhere, or some solder touching and bridging a point from the recent repairs.

That's the only problem with retro computing. They can be a bit unpredictable.

It has always fascinated me how computers all have their little quirks and individual traits. You could run 2 identical computers next to each other and still guarantee there would be differences.

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Kin Hell 08:40 18th November 2013
It's probably nothing less than further corrosion taking place. FOL did say the area around the SIMM sockets was looking worse for wear & that it cleaned up okay. This is probably where the issue lies & only further inspection will prove one way or another. I'll be calling AmigaKit this morning to discuss our options.


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