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Will you be buying any of these?
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    Thread: Next Generation Consoles - Will you be getting one?
    Harrison 11:06 5th April 2013
    Are you interested in the next generation of games consoles? And are you planning on buying one?

    Wii U

    The Wii U is already available, but hardly anyone I know has even heard of it, it's not selling well, and shops are already discounting it to 200 for the primium bundle.


    The PS4 has been announced, but it isn't the huge generation leap people were hoping for. It will however be much easier to develop for thanks to Sony talking to developers and building it using PC components they already know about, making it much easier to code for than the previous Playstations. But other than the hardware change to a more standard set of components the only other real difference so far is the updated controller with Move tracking and a touchpad. I imagine the UI will be an evolution of the existing PS3 one and other than that I expect it to feel much like the current PS3. It is looking more promising for direct support compared to the PS3 though thanks to the more PC like architecture.

    Xbox 720

    The next Xbox.

    Steam Box

    Valve have been working on this for some time. It will be a middle spec PC running a custom version of Linux for access to Linux based Steam games on your TV. Valve already rolled out their "big screen" feature on Steam earlier in the year, allowing users to connect their PC to a TV and play games and control Steam itself with a controller. Not all games are directly supported, especially on the Windows version (because there are so many games available released over many years), but Steam does flag those with full or partial support for the system.

    The Steam Box is only going to run the Linux Steam games, so will be a much more limited selection of games, but will be interested to watch and see how it performs and sells.


    An Android based console funded by the fund raising site Kickstarter. This has already gone into production, but I read they are having issues with the first batch. It is an interesting concept, obviously not up to the same power as a full console, but with a big catalogue of Android games already available. The big question though is how well they will translate to the big screen, especially when most games are designed for touch and small screen interaction.


    This is another Android based console due out in April. I don't know much about this one yet, but its a similar Android on your TV style console like the Ouya.

    nVidia Project Shield

    This was a big surprise announcement from nVidia, to develop their own games console. It is a handheld gaming console featuring their new Tegra 4 processor/GPU. The successor to the Tegra 3 found in the Nexus 7 and other Android tablets and phones, and very powerful for handheld gaming. This looks really interesting as it is Android based. The design basically looks like an oversized Xbox 360 controller with a screen bolted on. This probably interests me the most out of the Android gaming systems due out.

    So which if any of these are you interested in? And are there any more I've missed?
    Demon Cleaner 12:27 5th April 2013
    I will certainly get the new Playstation and the new XBox, although probably as usual at a bit later point.

    Saw yesterday that the Ouya is shipping to backers, could be interesting, perhaps for traveling, as also the price is quite interesting.

    Never heard of Gamstick and also the nVidia console is not so much in my top want to have list, don't like the design at all!! Steambox looks nice, but I think I won't need it. Also the price is quite higher than usual consoles.

    Wii U is a no go for me, as I'm already not a big fan of Nintendo games and I have to say that I only got my Wii's to hack and fiddle around with them, but never really played any game on it, although owning quite a lot of them (backups of course). Lego City Undercover looks nice though.

    So far I'm really happy with my JXD s7300, it plays everything smoothly I throw at it, emulators work really nice, plus there's a lot of Android games for it. A newer firmware also came out recently, and a lot of stuff is getting added all the time.
    Kin Hell 16:00 6th April 2013
    Not interested in any of them. My PC is fine for gaming on.
    Tiago 16:28 8th April 2013
    PS4 is the one that i would be interested in, but i think is best to give it a time before i buy it.
    I want to check some games first, and price will be the main question. Price of console and price of games.
    so far, i will go for a no, i will not buy any of them, but, after some months... if i can afford it... and if my country doesn't sink like titanic... maybe.
    J T 11:53 22nd April 2013
    Out of all of them, the PS4 is probably the most interesting to me. A lot would depend on what other people get, as I did enjoy some multiplayer fun.

    But then - the 360 has been unplugged since... maybe last June? I can't really remember, it has been that long. And the wii hasn't been used for a game in years. So I might not bother with any of the new ones. I'm just not sure I'm that into games any more.
    Storm 11:15 19th October 2014
    Finally got a PS4 but strangely enough I use my PS3 more
    DonAmiga 23:02 20th October 2014
    I did get the wii u a while back which I like Also did get the xbox one, which im pleased with especially with it being silent I did see a youtube with the ps4 fans kicking out some noise I'd be pulling my hair out
    SamuraiCrow 20:02 16th November 2014
    No. (Answer to the question originally posted.)
    zapiy 08:15 17th November 2014
    I have a Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and a Gamestick. Out of all of those the Wii U is the clear winner for me, gaming is about errrrrr...... the games. So with that in mind the Wii U wins with it's amazing line up and that line up is growing. Having said that some of the games released on the other consoles are pretty awesome but there is a trend of incomplete, borked games at release going on an that is concerning me.
    Demon Cleaner 10:21 17th November 2014
    Which kind of games do you like on the Wii U?

    How's the Gamestick?
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