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Poll: Will you be buying any of these?
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Will you be buying any of these?
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    Thread: Next Generation Consoles - Will you be getting one?
    zapiy 07:17 19th November 2014
    I have and love Mario Kart, Super Mario, Super Luigi Zombi U, and Lego City Undercover which is an awesome game.

    The Gamestick is very average, the games catalogue compared to the Ouya is drop in the ocean. Having said that there are a few decent games and I barely paid 40 brand new so I am not complaining at that price.
    Demon Cleaner 08:45 19th November 2014
    Mario and Luigi are not my type of games at all. That's why I probably won't buy a Wii U. Lego City Undercover looks great though, and quite funny, I was very sad that it didn't come out for other consoles.
    tolkien 08:59 19th November 2014
    No...or are you saying my cd32 ia next gen?
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