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Thread: Looks like my car could be a write-off
Harrison 12:05 20th March 2013
Would only ever take out fully comp insurance.

The insurance company (Admiral) have been pretty quick so far. Collected the car from the recovery yard the day after the accident and took it to a local garage. They had it till last Friday to assess it and then state it was written-off. Insurance company collected the car from them yesterday and took it to a salvage yard to be assessed by the loss-adjuster, and today the insurance delivered a free courtesy car I can keep until the claim is settled.

Only bad news is that it's another Ford Fiesta, so at the moment I have 2 of them... identical other than the one I hired is a 12 plate and the new one is a 62 plate. Looks like I'm collecting them. Will see if I can return the other one in the morning for a slight early return refund. Small interdependent company so they might.

Still not 100% sure what car I want to buy now. I liked the 407 and it is tempting to get another one, but I can't find many of the same top spec (executive/GT) 2.0 HDi. Others I'm considering are an Audi A6 Avent (estate) and a Merc C220 CDI Estate. There are a few of those about around the 2005-2006 age for reasonable money, full service histories and 1 year warranties.
Harrison 10:39 29th March 2013
Complete nightmare trying to find a new car. Got the cheque from the insurance for my old car, so have to wait for that to clear, but I've been looking around to see what's about, and there isn't much I like.

I've narrowed it down to:

Another Peugeot 407 GT HDI, but this time the SW estate.
Audi A6 Avant TDi
Mercedes C or E class CDI Estate.

The car I want most is the A6 Avant, but there are hardly any about, and it has to have a leather interior and color centre display (hate the red monochrome display). But most I've seen have fabric seats.

Going to look at a couple of Peugeot 407 SWs today with full leather and similar spec to my old one.

I've really only got the next 2 weeks to find a car.

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Tiago 16:57 1st April 2013
If money is not the main question, i would go for the A6
Harrison 19:55 1st April 2013
I've been having a good look around over the past week, and there were no good A6 around anywhere within 100 miles, but at the end of the week I managed to find a nice Peugeot 407 SW, gave it a test drive and have decided to buy it. I've put down a deposit, and am having the AA perform an inspection on the car this week. Just waiting for the insurance cheque to clear this coming week, before I can pay the difference and collect it.

It's a 2007 Peugeot 407 GT 2.0 HDi SW, in silver, with only 55k miles on the clock. One owner from new, with a full service history, fully stamped up in the service record. It's basically identical to my old car (2005 executive) but the newer GT version. Full leather, RT4 Sat nav with hdd holding the maps (my old one had the rt3 that needed the map CD in the drive all the time), plus you can rip music cds to the hdd jukebox. Quite cool. Only thing I might need to get is a usb adapter cable for usb to connect an iPod.

Still a bit disappointed not to find an A6 as that is the car I really want out of any, but I still like the 407 and it is perfect for my family needs. Will make it my mission to get an A6 for the next one.

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